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Convergence of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

School-wide, multi-faceted Initiatives

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NYU Tandon School of Engineering's CIE Institute supports initiatives that help faculty and students reach greater heights by harnessing important technologies and reimagining business ideas. We catapult these ideas into advanced, problem-solving innovations to address society’s greatest problems.

Our mission is to increase diversity and multidisciplinarity in STEM entrepreneurship and provide guidance as well as resources for STEM innovators to start-up.

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Capstone Competition

The School of Engineering hosted its first-ever undergraduate senior capstone competition on April 27, 2016. Around 15 undergraduate teams, along with their capstone projects sent their applications for the competition. Five teams were selected for the final round and they got the chance to pitch their projects in front of a very reputed judging panel. Tandon School of Engineering’s inaugural capstone competition was a huge success and it has laid down the foundation for such competitions in the coming years. The aim of this competition is to hone the entrepreneurial skills of the engineering students while they are working on their senior year projects. It gives the engineering students, a huge incentive to work hard on their projects by competing with their friends and showcasing their business acumen and presentation skills.

Senior Capstones

Formal capstone courses, typically taken in a student’s senior year, are organized for the following majors:

  • Civil Engineering: CE 4812 and CE 4822
  • Computer Engineering: EE 4313 and EE 4323
  • Computer Science: CS 4523
  • Construction Management: CE 4543
  • Electrical Engineering: EE 4313 and EE 4323
  • Integrated Design & Media: DM 4003
  • Mechanical Engineering: ME 4112 and ME 4113
  • Science and Technology Studies: STS 4002
  • Sustainable Urban Environments: URB 4024

Extracurricular Activities


Hosted by the NYU Entrepreneurship & Innovation Association, InnoVention is the engineering school’s signature prototyping competition for our student entrepreneurs. The 12-week competition challenges them to use their technical and scientific expertise to prototype and pitch commercially viable ideas in software and hardware. Through progressively intensive weekly sessions, students learn about IP, prototyping, monetization, pitch skills, and much more. They are mentored by successful alumni, faculty and NYC entrepreneurs. The event concludes in a final-round pitch and demonstration day.


Student Clubs

Our students are intensely passionate about pursuing their entrepreneurial endeavors and enjoy the opportunity to network with one another to expand upon their ideas. Student clubs focused on entrepreneurship are an ideal way for this to take place, while giving them the opportunity to hone their leadership skills. Here are a just few clubs that provide such opportunities:

  • Design for America of NYU (DFA)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association (EIA)
  • Patent Pending

View our Club Directory to find out more about these and other clubs at Tandon.

Innovation Spaces



The NYU Tandon School of Engineering MakerSpace is a collaborative workspace and lab that provides even greater opportunities for students and faculty to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. In addition to providing access to modern tools, from advanced software to milling machines to 3D printers to integrated manufacturing facilities, it functions as a stimulating environment that fosters collaborative learning and hosts guest lectures and special events. The Design Lab is the educational programming and support arm of the NYU MakerSpace.

A student using a 3D printer

Inclusive Innovation Fellows

Christina Moazed (MS, Bioinformatics & Management of Technology)
As a technological engineer in STEM, Christina has a keen eye for converging data compositions and financial modeling with computer science and statistics. Christina will be conducting data analysis across school-wide investments for the fellowship, designing and implementing the new NYU microsite website and writing articles published for CIE. Having been a Commentary Staff Writer during her 4 years in college and the News Editor for her high school newspaper, Christina is able to bridge complex ideas and topics through written articles and publications. In her free time, Christina enjoys tennis, discovering new music and playing the piano. As a CIE Fellow, she will bring her data manipulation and consumer insights to the forefront while also publishing stories for CIE events throughout the year.

Manish Kumar (MS, Executive Management of Technology)
Manish is so fortunate to be part of the largest private university in the US. NYU offers a great number of resources that innovators and entrepreneurs can tap into it. There are so many workshops, hands-on training, coaching, mentoring, and a variety of startup competitions that the NYU community can engage in. Manish is an IT professional and enjoys working on innovative and exciting projects in the field. Create space to innovate is one of the core beliefs of our organization. Manish is grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the CIE program.

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