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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Science of Smart Cities (ieSoSC)

On Campus
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iesosc students working on a circuit



PROGRAM LENGTH Five-week summer program
Monday–Friday, 9 am-4 pm

NYC residents that are currently in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of physics and coding.

TUITION Full Scholarship

ieSoSC is a comprehensive course crafted to develop the skills of emerging innovators keen on shaping the trajectory of smart cities. This dynamic program seamlessly integrates technology, entrepreneurship, and science, guiding students through practical experiences in coding, microcontrollers, circuit deployment, and sensor integration. Beyond technical proficiency, students delve into the entrepreneurial dimensions of product development, gaining insights into economics, project management, pitch presentation, and navigating patenting and copyrights. Collaborative teamwork is central to the curriculum, allowing students to actively contribute to team projects culminating in final presentations that highlight the tangible impact of their prototypes on the advancement of smart cities. Explore the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and science in this transformative course, where innovation takes center stage in shaping the future of urban living.


ieSoSC offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with a multifaceted understanding of science, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The program spans from the foundational stages of product development to advanced project management, ensuring students gain holistic knowledge. Coursework emphasizes practical applications, within real-world ‘smart city’ scenarios covering:

  • Coding
  • Microcontrollers
  • Circuit deployment
  • Sensor integration

Beyond technical proficiency, students immerse themselves in entrepreneurial dimensions, exploring.

  • Economics
  • Pitch presentations
  • Patenting & Copyrights
  • Finances

The course concludes with a dynamic Shark Tank event, where students showcase their ideas to entrepreneurs. Additionally, ieSoSC students participate in Irondale, a mandatory program led by theatre teaching artists who use improv to boost communication and public speaking skills, adding a unique dimension to their learning experience.


Important Dates

2024 Program Schedule:

  • Application Opens: February 1
  • Final Deadline: April 15
  • Notification of Acceptance: Week of May 12
  • Orientation: June 28 (via Zoom  1:00PM - 4:00PM EST)
  • Program Starts: July 1
  • Expo/Final Presentation: August 2
  • Program Ends: August 2 
  • Holiday: July 4


Participation in ieSoSC solidified my interest in the stem field. Before this program I was struggling and confused on how to intertwine my passions for STEM and business and now I have realized that I'd like to go to a school that offers some sort of dual degree/major in business and engineering and eventually become not only an innovator but an entrepreneur. Overall, even though this program sometimes gave me some school-ish vibes, which was not ideal, I really feel that I learned A TON and could not be happier with my decision to participate."


Related Research

NYU Tandon faculty devote a great deal of their research agenda to 'smart' engineering, technologies and applications that cross STEM disciplines. These touch mobility, energy, infrastructure, resilience, quality of life, and the machine learning, cloud computing and wireless communication advances that enable it all. Our smart cities programs draw on these projects from the faculty of Civil and Urban Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Center for Urban Science and Progress, and others.



ieSoSC’s Keywords: Circuitry, Coding, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability, Green Technology, Microcontrollers, Remote Sensing, Sensors, Computational Analytics, Cloud Computing, Integrated Systems, Wireless Communications, Algorithms, Prototypes

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