NYU Tandon trading teams achieve 5th consecutive year of wins

Group shoot of FRE teams with trophies

Team members from the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering competed in the annual University Trading Challenge

In early November, three teams from the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering (FRE) competed in the annual University Trading Challenge, held in Boston, Massachusetts. The high-level contest calls upon students in finance, economics, business, and math to go head-to-head to prove their skills in a variety of areas, including portfolio management and investment banking.

When the dust cleared, the FRE teams had done NYU Tandon proud, adding multiple trophies to the collection already amassed in previous years.

This year, Team Bobcat, captained by Hepu Jin, placed first in the portfolio management challenge, where team member Boyan Han was honored for best individual performance. That record landed the Bobcats in second place overall, while Team Alpha Quant placed right behind them in third. (Alpha Quant member Titash Goshal took home the best-individual-performance in the Trading Challenge segment, as well.) 

FRE Department Chair Peter Carr pointed out that the UTC field was a crowded one, with some 50 universities participating, and said, “These most recent victories confirm the high caliber of our students and the efficacy of our program, which teaches them to transform financial theory into practice and positions them on the cutting edge of our field. Add in the dedicated coaching they receive from Professor Ron Slivka, who enthusiastically volunteers to advise them each year, and it’s easy to see why our teams are always a formidable force at the UTC.”

“Advising such bright, capable students is always a pleasure,” Slivka said. “Competitions like this are a great way for them to gain hands-on experience they can’t get in a classroom, and when they excel, it’s very gratifying for all of us who teach them. It’s proof that we are educating exceptional young professionals who will undoubtedly succeed in the global market.”  

Team Rosters

Alpha Quant: Xiongan Cheng, Titash Ghoshal, and Ji Wu

Bobcat: Hepu Jin; Zicheng He, and Boting Han

Trader Joe's: Shreyank Gandhi, Shreya Gossain, and Riddhiman Dass