Nicole Fraynd

  • A BS/MS Student with an Awesome Attitude!


Nicole Fraynd
How are you approaching the job search?

I think the best way to approach any situation is with a very positive attitude, which is exactly how I am approaching my internship search. Before starting the search, I was scared to put myself out there and reach out to people because I feared getting rejected. I soon realized that the worst thing that can happen when applying is getting rejected, and that not taking the risk was far worse because then I would have no chance at all. I have come to understand that some are better matches for some positions and everything happens for a reason. I now know that if I work hard and put myself out there, I will end up where I am supposed to. I just need to apply everywhere and show myself through my applications for the best results! I have been pleasantly surprised with the results after approaching the internship search with this attitude! Even though I have gotten a couple of rejections, and those are not easy, I know that it only takes one company to believe in me and give me a chance. So, as I continue to search for that company, I am optimistic and know that once I find it, it will be the best match for me and the hard work will have been worth it.

You have been networking a lot to get interviews! How do you go about it? What interviews did you get as a result of networking?

Networking was a struggle for me at first, but I have started to get the hang of it! I try to connect with different people in the companies I am interested in through LinkedIn. I always ask them about their experience during the interviewing process and with the company in general. To do this, I search for people I have things in common with, such as Tandon alumni or people that have mutual connections. Everyone I have reached out to has been really nice and supportive, giving me helpful advice for applications and interviews. Aside from this, I try to think of people I know personally or I have worked with in the past that currently work in the healthcare industry and reach out to them. I also learned that professors and advisors always have great ideas and connections, so I have asked for their opinions and advice as well. As a result of networking, I got an interview at Bristol-Myers Squibb and an employee referral at Sanofi, which are two pharmaceutical companies. I hope to hear good news; wish me luck!

Any tips for fellow Tandon students on how to network efficiently? what about the job search, any tips?

I think the best tip for networking efficiently is to be kind and appreciative, while at the same time being concise and straightforward. These are very busy people and they are taking time out of their day to speak with you and help you out! Look for people you have things in common with such as Tandon alumni in your field of interest. In terms of the internship search, I think the best thing to do is apply to everything you are interested in. Don't hold back or be scared because one qualification doesn't match up perfectly, they might see you and be interested in other skills and experiences you have as well! Always try to reach out to people on LinkedIn as well. A great resource to use is Tandon Career Services. They are so helpful and make sure you are doing well and keeping up with your applications. They also help in case you need mock interviews, cover letters, resume reviews, and anything else. Karine has personally helped me so much. When I get an internship, I'm giving her full credit!