Adriana Pink

  • Advice on how to land an awesome internship


Adriana Pink
How did you approach the job search?

I took a proactive approach in my job search

  • I started applying and researching as early as August 2020

  • Prepared several resumes to align with the different positions I was applying for.

  • Targeted different job search platforms - LinkedIn, Handshake, SHPE Portal, etc.

  • I identified and kept a document with any past interview questions that posed difficulty to ensure that I was better prepared for future interviews.


Any tips for fellow Tandon students on how to find career opportunities? 

Be resilient & STAY confident.

  • It comes across in your interviews 

  • Build your self-confidence – Be optimistic.


  • Developing a winning attitude & mindset is fundamental to reaching your goal

  • Spend time with positive people 

  • Start every day on a positive note – Yes it will help

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Surround yourself with people that match your desired mindset

Identify your priorities 

  • Invest in yourself; nurture your creativity, your curiosity, and your ability to learn new things and adapt to change 

  • Get to know your strengths and weaknesses

  • Apply, apply, and apply! Don’t wait until the week before a conference or new month. Many roles open early and you can even set alerts for a specific company

  • Have a plan and set goals

Internships/Projects/ Certifications

  • Try to complete an internship or co-op if you have the chance. It can give you great industry experience and help you identify what you are/are not interested in. Also, it gives you a chance to grow your network from early on!

  • Certifications can bolster your degree achievement and give you the edge over other applicants. Some of my interviewers were really impressed with the certifications I had on my resume - It shows that I am going above and beyond


  • Networking is CRUCIAL. It has really contributed to the professional I am today.

  • Attend conferences and workshops early. Get involved with one of the many NYU professional organizations such as the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and others for upcoming events. They can offer valuable advice, stimulating workshops, and opportunities to gain an internship/job.

  • Collaborate with people in your field of interest. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone via LinkedIn and schedule a call with them. If you’re curious about something - ask.

  • Through networking, you can find a mentor or someone who can help support, guide, and coach you. You can practice your elevator pitch or interview skills with them as well.

How did you choose between the multiple job offers you received?

This posed some difficulty for me as each job offer held its benefits, challenges, and perks, but ultimately after careful evaluation, I went based on my priorities and what I am looking for in my career development.
For me, some of my priorities included:

  • Company's culture and values

  • Job Responsibilities

  • Location

  • My Passions

  • Growth Opportunities

You landed an amazing job after graduation! Tell us about it, and how the interview process went!

I am humbled and honored to land this amazing job opportunity! It was quite the journey. I credited it all to my mindset, attitude, preparation, previous interviews, networking with peers and encouragement from alumni. There were several rounds in the interview process including a cognitive ability assessment, video interview, and final round interview that featured behavioral/situational questions. After each round, it was a nervous waiting game, but at the end of each interview, I knew I gave it my best.
Stay poised, do your research on the company and make sure to ask questions when the time comes. You are interviewing them as well. Always BELIEVE in yourself!