Tyler Matteo

  • Senior Software Engineer @ NYC Planning labs

Tyler Matteo

Tell us about the job search. Was it more difficult or easier than you expected?

I think I got very lucky with this position. Overall, I think my search for a position that matched the niche focus of my program was difficult but I expected that. In the end, it came down to an opening that fit my skill set coming up at the right time.

What was the interview process like?

The process was fairly straightforward and quick because the team was looking to have someone start quickly. I had two conversational interviews with various members of the team, followed by a take-home technical assignment.

What will you be doing?

I will be helping to build various web-based GIS and data exploration tools used by city planners and the public.

Do you have any job search tips for fellow students?

  1. Network as much as possible, particularly on social media.
  2. Twitter can be a great place to find out about jobs at firms you are passionate about.
  3. Try to publish side projects or projects from school somewhere that potential employers can see what you've accomplished.

When did you first start the job search & how long did it take you to get an interview?

I started looking for positions that fit my profile in early 2021. I had my first interview for this position in early May.