Sunghoon Jung

  • Chassis Engineer @ Rivian

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Tell us about the job search. Was it more difficult or easier than you expected?

It was definitely way more difficult and time-consuming than I expected. I think the fact that many companies don't even get back to you and don't reply to emails makes the entire process much more frustrating than it should be. I think it's really important to stay organized and have a spreadsheet of all your information and positions so that you can keep track of openings yourself.

What was the interview process like?

The first two interviews were phone calls with the recruiter and hiring manager. After that, there was a 5-hour zoom panel interview where I had to present a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation followed by five 1-on-1 interviews, all through Zoom.

What will you be doing?

I will be working on the vehicle chassis team to design and implement brake components.

Do you have any job search tips for fellow students?

  1. DON'T GIVE UP! You will receive many rejection emails and I think the hardest part about applying to jobs is receiving rejection emails because it constantly makes you feel like you aren't competent enough.
  2. I applied to over 370 positions and got rejected from over 200 of them and over 100 of them didn't even get back to me. When that happens, it is best to keep your head up and keep at it because the true fact is that you are the only person who decides how that affects you. You as a person and your time are so valuable so don't let an automated email bring you down.
  3. Everyone is unique and capable in their own ways and all you need is that 1 opportunity that was meant for you.

When did you first start the job search & how long did it take you to get an interview?

I think I first started browsing and applying for jobs around September of 2020 but really focused on it starting around November. I got my first interview in December.