Aren Kabarajian

Aren Kabarajian

What does it mean to you to be an engineer?

Engineers find solutions and build things needed for the long term.

How is your field being redefined for today and tomorrow’s needs? What contributions do you hope to make to this redefined landscape?

As a student at NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, I’m hoping to help make urban topics more accessible to the public and introduce lower barriers of entry for those interested in being a part of community change.

I’d like to provide a bridge between the engineering and civic field through visualizations, accessible web tools, and low-tech data solutions. Through a hackathon, I recently had the opportunity to serve as a Machine Learning Consultant for the MTA. During that engagement I leveraged train-ridership data and time series modeling for forecasting train capacity, to be used in the consumer-facing application.

How did NYU Tandon help you redefine yourself?

I came from the field of programmatic advertising, and Tandon has helped me learn completely new topics in data science and GIS to shift my career.