Matthew Campisi

Industry Assistant Professor

Matthew Campisi

Mr. Campisi co-founded Infrared Sciences in 1999 and UE LifeSciences in 2009, both companies developing technology for early detection of breast cancer.  The technologies developed were based on the automated dynamic analysis of non-invasive infrared images of breast tissue.  Systems have been deployed around the world including India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka and the UK.  Several patents have been filed with regards to the hardware and software components.  In addition, Mr. Campisi is an Industry Faculty member whose interests include:

Biomedical Signal Processing

Communication Theory


Journal Articles

Wishart GC, Campisi M, Boswell M, et al.: The accuracy of digital infrared imaging for breast cancer detection in women undergoing breast biopsy. Eur J Surg Oncol 36 (6): 535-40, 2010.


Research Interests

Biomedical Signal Processing



General/Collaborative Research

Translation Neuroengineering

NYU Wireless


Translational Neuroengineering

NYU Wireless

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Eta Kappa Nu - Electrical Engineering Honor Society

Commercial Prototype Development and Clinical Validation of Low C, (Co-Principle Investigator)

Pennsylvania Dept. of Health, 2 Years