David Pine

I am interested in soft mesoscopic materials, including colloids, emulsions, polymers, surfactant solutions, non-Brownian suspensions, and gels. I have used and developed light scattering techniques, especially multiple light scattering (duffusing-wave spectroscopy) to study the structure and dynamics of colloids and other materials.  My current research covers a variety of topics, including self assembly, DNA-coated colloids, colloidal swimmers, lock-and-key colloids, random organization, and colloidal glasses.

Research Interests
Soft materials Colloids Emulsions Self-assembly Rheology Photonics

Cornell University
PhD, Physics

Haverford College
Assistant Professor of Physics
From: August 1984 to December 1989

Exxon Research & Engineering Company
Staff Physicist
From: January 1990 to August 1995

University of California Santa Barbara
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Materials
From: September 1995 to January 2005

New York University
Chair of CBE Department (since 2014), Silver Professor of Physics
From: January 2005 to present

Selected Journal Articles

Colloidal alloys with preassembled clusters and spheres. E. Ducrot, M. He, G.-R. Yi, and D. J. Pine. Nat. Mater. 16, 652–657 (2017)

Crystallization of DNA-coated colloids. Y. Wang, Y. Wang, X. Zheng, E. Ducrot, J. S. Yodh, M. Weck, and D. J. Pine. Nature Commun6, 7253 (2015).

Colloids with valence and specific directional bonding. Y. Wang, Y. Wang, D. R. Breed, V. N. Manoharan, L. Feng, A. D. Hollingsworth, M. Weck, and D. J. Pine. Nature 491, 51–55 (2012)

Lock and key colloids. S. Sacanna, W. T. M. Irvine, P. M. Chaikin, and D. J. Pine. Nature 464, 575–578 (2010).

Random organization in periodically driven systems. L. Corte, P. M. Chaikin, J. P. Gollub, and D. J. Pine. ´ Nature Physics 4, 420–424 (2008)

Chaos and threshold for irreversibility in sheared suspensions. D. J. Pine, J. P. Gollub, J. F. Brady, and A. M. Leshansky. Nature 438, 997–1000 (2005).

Control of nanoparticle location in block copolymers. J. Chiu, B. Kim, E. Kramer, and D. J. Pine. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127, 5036–5037 (2005).

Dense packing and symmetry in small clusters of microspheres. V. N. Manoharan, M. T. Elsesser, and D. J. Pine. Science 301, 483–487 (2003)


Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Michelin Chair, ESPCI ParisTech, Paris

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellow of the American Physical Society

Guggenheim Fellow

Professor Yuval Ne’eman Memorial Lecture, Tel-Aviv University

Society of Rheology Publication of the Year Award (2000)

Debye Lecturer, Utrecht University

Langmuir Lecturer, American Chemical Society

Mentoring Style: Flexible, informal. I've been at NYU since 2005, and Tandon since 2014.


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