Carroll and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund

NYU Tandon School of Engineering received the Caroll and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund to provide quick-response emergency grants to matriculated students in good academic standing who are facing a short-term financial emergency. The goal of the fund is to help students remain in school without interruption and successfully complete their degree requirements. 

Examples of QUALIFIED EMERGENCIES include:

    • Homelessness or sudden loss of housing
    • Fire in living quarters
    • Temporary loss of job or income
    • Theft of computer, books, clothing or other essential belonging
    • Medical/Dental emergencies
    • Food or transportation needs
    • Travel expenses due to illness/death in immediate
    • Overdue utility bills/turn off-notice
    • Transportation card
    • Loss of childcare
    • Victims of Domestic Violence
    • Other (you may give an explanation of your emergency)

    The grant is NOT intended to cover:

    • Previous college tuition debt/expenses
    • Current full or partial tuition and University fees
    • Legal representation/attorney fees in a criminal proceeding or NYU disciplinary proceeding

    Application Instructions

    • Complete and submit the online application form. The information submitted will be used to determine your eligibility for emergency assistance.
    • Submit supporting documents

    Apply Here

    Students will be notified of a decision after two business days. Please be aware that this emergency assistance fund is a one-time award per emergency.