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Booking Business Travel

NYU’s preferred online travel booking tool is SAP Concur. Travel & Expense online booking tool (“Concur Travel”) replaces the Egencia online booking tool. Access the travel booking website, or the SAP Concur mobile app to book travel online. When necessary, travelers will engage with CTP travel counselors to book via phone or email, and for customer support or account management

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IMPORTANT: Effective October 30, 2023: NYU’s Travel & Expense solution is powered by SAP Concur

Important Changes

  • Egencia was disabled on October 30, 2023. Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP) is NYU's new travel management company

  • No pre-approval for international travel

  • No advance reimbursements. NYU T&E Card or a Department Travel Card is strongly recommended to avoid paying for travel bookings in advance with your personal funds

The SAP Concur Mobile App provides helpful on-the-go capabilities to book travel, change seats, take pictures of receipts, create expense reports, etc.

Employees should pay for business travel with a Travel & Entertainment (T&E) or Department Corporate Travel (CTA) Card, which is paid directly by the University, so you do not have to use a personal credit card to book travel. P-Card can be used to book conference expenses. If you use your personal credit card to pay for travel expenses, you must wait until after completing the trip to submit reimbursement. The university is no longer reimbursing for travel costs charged to a personal credit card before a trip. The Concur system will block all advance reimbursement submissions, which means NO exception will be accepted by the system.

If you do not have a Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card, travel at least twice a year, or incur more than $2,500 annually in travel and local entertainment expenses; please submit a T&E Card request in Concur. Allow two weeks to receive your T&E Card.

Before You Get Started

Please ensure you have updated your travel profile (Video) (PDF) the first time you use Concur. You must ensure that your legal first and last name in PeopleSync matches the government-issued ID you present for travel.

Your legal first and last name in PeopleSync will be used to update your traveler profile in Concur.

For these data elements, contact PeopleLink to request updates as necessary. Ensure the proper set up of expense Delegate / Travel Arranger as needed and review the updated policies, transition checklist, and training resources.

Access to Concur

NYU’s preferred online travel booking tool is SAP Concur.The platform is accessible via webpage, mobile app, and phone.

  • Access Travel & Expense via NYU Home Card on the website

    • Bookmark the tile for quick future access by right-clicking on a card
  • For on-the-go capabilities, use the SAP Concur Mobile App

    • Download the mobile app
    • Log in with your N Number as the username, followed by (e.g.,
    • Find your N Number on the back of your NYU ID

The mobile app allows users to book travel, capture receipts, create expense reports, etc.

Setting-Up Delegates

Set up a delegate if you have an administrator who supports you.

  • Travel Arranger: Can book a flight, hotel, car rental, etc. on your behalf
  • Expense Delegate: Can prepare your expense reports, and submit cash advance requests for you

Contact your Department iTravel Super-User or drop by a Support Session if you need assistance setting-up delegates.

NOTE: Delegates can only prepare, and CANNOT submit your expense reports. The end-user must submit expense reports in Concur. You must select the "Can View Receipts" checkbox to allow a delegate to email receipts to a user’s "Available Receipts" library

Step-by-Step Booking Process

Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP), powered by Concur, is NYU's travel management supplier. Travelers can conveniently make all bookings using the online tool. Although using Concur for booking travel is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

1. Review Preferred Service Providers

Before initiating the booking process, familiarize yourself with NYU's preferred airlines, hotels, and car/rail services.

2. Access Booking Links

Utilize the provided booking links for each service:

3. Reporting Price Match / Fare Review

If you find cheaper airfare outside Concur Travel, you might want to:

  • Email screenshots to
  • Include details such as dates, carrier, flight number, and class
  • Provide information on where the lower fare was found
  • The CTP Lead Team will review your submission and respond with their findings

Refer to the Price Match Process Document for comprehensive details and restrictions

4. Registering Trips Booked Outside of CTP

If you've booked your itinerary outside of CTP:

  • Faculty, staff, and students are strongly encouraged to register travel plans via NYU Travel
  • This registration ensures communication in emergencies and alerts about local incidents

For any issues with the registration tool, contact

NOTE: There is a Flat Fee charged by CTP

Travel Tips

  • Air, Hotel, and Car: NYU preferred providers will be notated in Concur
  • Out of Policy: Warnings will show when booking out of policy – but will not stop travel bookings
  • Guest Booking Process: Anyone at the University may book guest travel
  • Travel Arranger / Delegation: The traveler must delegate travel booking arrangements to a travel arranger. A traveler may have more than one travel arranger
  • Grants and Federal Funds: Related travel must be booked in accordance with the Fly America Act. A pop-up message with link to FAA is provided
  • TripIt Pro Subscription: App that incorporates all travel details as well as provides travel alerts, including flight changes, gate changes etc.

Helpful Resources & Tips

Support Team

AskFinanceLink Support

Global Payment Card Team Support

Urgent Travel Assistance

For travel-related inquiries, contact the Global Travel Team. Your Tandon Department iTravel Super-User is the key contact for iTravel assistance.