Smart Classrooms

Classrooms in Rogers Hall (RH), Jacobs Academic Building (JAB) and 2 MetroTech Center (2MTC) are equipped with technology to facilitate teaching and learning.

All spaces designated as Smart Classrooms contain an interactive digital writing surface (either a whiteboard or tablet solution), a projector with laptop input, speakers, and DVD or Blu-ray players.

Smart Classroom Types

Type A: 48+ seats

  • Interactive surface: SMART Podium Tablet
  • Classrooms: RH 215(LC), RH 325(LC), JAB 473, JAB 474(LC), JAB 475(LC), JAB 674(LC), 2MTC 9.007, 2MTC 9.009, 2MTC 9.011

Type B: 48+ seats

  • Interactive surface: Eno Interactive Whiteboard
  • Classrooms: RH 615, RH 705, JAB 775B

Type C: 20-44 seats

  • Interactive surface: SMART Podium Tablet
  • Classrooms: RH 200, RH 201, RH 202, RH 203, RH 204, RH 205, RH 207, RH 211, RH 213, JAB 678

Type D: 20-44 seats

  • Interactive surface: Eno Interactive Whiteboard
  • Classrooms: RH 302, RH 304(LC), RH 317, RH 425, RH 503, RH 505, RH 601, RH 602, RH 603, RH 604, RH 605, RH 704, RH 708, JAB 673, JAB 773, JAB 775, JAB 777

Smart Meeting & Event Spaces

  • LC 400: SMART Podium, capacity 74
  • LC 433: Eno Interactive Whiteboard, capacity 30

(LC) = Lecture capture classrooms.

Classroom Technology Training

Has your class been placed in a smart classroom? Interested in exploring the teaching tools Tandon's classrooms have to offer? Check out a quick demo video on teaching with the interactive surface in your classroom.

To schedule a hands-on demo of the SMART Podium Tablet or the Eno Interactive Whiteboard, please contact

SMART Podium Demo Videos

Learn how to use Smart Podium in your classroom, from annotating digital content to writing on the whiteboard.

Eno Board Demo Videos

Discover how to use Eno Interactive in your classroom, from setting up the Eno Board to annotating PowerPoint content.

NYU Tech Savvy

NYU also offers short online training materials on using the classroom A/V systems, including connecting a laptop to the projector, some basic troubleshooting, and more.

Support & Equipment

If you require support using the audio/visual systems in campus classrooms, please contact Media Support Services at or 646-997-3934.

For faculty whose classes meet in a type B or D room, eno stylus kits are available for loan following training or consultation. Components of the kit include:

  • eno Stylus
  • USB Bluetooth Adapter
  • AAA Lithium battery
  • Replacement stylus tips
  • Magnetic Icon Strip (optional)

Borrowers are responsible for classroom equipment during the loan.