NYU Bridge to Tandon Program: A STEM Preparatory Course

If you have a non-STEM academic background, the Bridge program will provide you with all the tools needed to be admitted into select graduate-level programs at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and thereafter a career in an in-demand, STEM-based field.

The next deadline to apply is 4/2/20 for the Summer 2020 Bridge.

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Brooklyn Bridge

Your Pathway to a New Career

The NYU Bridge to Tandon is a uniquely designed program that builds the knowledge base required to pursue one of our select master’s degree programs:

  • Computer Science

  • Cybersecurity

  • NYU Cyber Fellows

  • Bioinformatics

  • Computer Engineering

  • CUSP Applied Urban Science and Informatics

Whether you are transitioning your career, seeking advancement, or looking to refresh your knowledge, this course will ensure a seamless start to your graduate education and a clear pathway to a profession in a fulfilling, dynamic field.


Program Benefits

Bioinformatics Bridge

Engineering Background not Required

Fully Online


Graduate Study

Prepares you for Graduate Study


Cost: $1,850*

*equivalent to three courses, estimated savings of $13.5K

*Please note: the cost of the course is subject to change at any time. View the Bridge to Tandon Tuition Cost Disclaimer for additional details.


Program Details

Students must have a four-year bachelor's degree to apply to the Bridge program. Basic proficiency in college algebra and some exposure to programming is recommended for success in the course. The program will introduce you to programming in C++, but a simple language like Python will help you get familiar with the notion of programming, and can be learned outside of the classroom using free online resources from such sources as Coursera or YouTube.

Students who receive a B+ or higher will receive a certificate of Distinction and will be eligible for gaining admittance to, and a GRE waiver for, any of the qualifying NYU Tandon master’s degrees mentioned above. Bridge students applying to an NYU Tandon master’s degree will need to meet all other Graduate School of Engineering admissions requirements.

Students who receive a C or higher will receive a certificate and will be eligible for gaining admittance to NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) Applied Urban Science and Informatics master’s degree with a GRE waiver. Bridge students applying to an NYU CUSP master’s degree will need to meet all other CUSP admissions requirements.

The Bridge program starts every Winter (January), Spring (March), and Summer (July). Winter and Summer applicants can select a 17-week or 24-week track. The Spring application is for the 24-week version only. Both courses contain the same content and offer the same benefits with the only difference being the duration of the course. Students should plan to spend about 20-30 hours a week if they are enrolled in the 24-week course, or 30-40 hours a week for the 17-week course.


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The Bridge Program: A Pathway to Select Master’s Degrees




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Congratulations and welcome to the NYU Bridge to Tandon course! We look forward to your success in the course, your contribution to the NYU community and to your profession.

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