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Become a Bioinformatics Leader

Revolutionary changes are taking place in how we interpret health and treat disease. With extraordinary advances in both gene sequencing and machine learning, the bioinformatics field is expanding exponentially and creating a myriad of opportunities for professionals with in-depth knowledge of techniques for mastering complex data.

In NYU Tandon’s Bioinformatics Master of Science program, you will build strong skills in molecular biology and big data analysis. Develop solutions to critical challenges throughout medicine and the life sciences by learning to utilize genomic information and next generation sequence analysis tools.

By creating and advancing algorithms, utilizing computational and statistical techniques, and applying theory, you can solve practical problems that arise in the management of biological data. Prepare to make significant contributions to society through groundbreaking innovations in cancer care, vaccine design, agriculture, and energy.


What Is Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics is a rapidly growing discipline of science that applies computation and analysis techniques to the collection and interpretation of biology-related data. There is a strong demand for professionals with an advanced education in molecular biology, statistics, programming, machine learning, and sequence and pathway analysis.

Upon completing your bioinformatics degree, you will be well qualified to address important issues in areas such as infectious diseases, public health, genetic diseases, agriculture, and green technology.


Why Choose NYU Tandon?

At NYU Tandon, we are educating and nurturing tomorrow’s biotech rock stars. As a student in our flexible 30-credit program, you will develop the refined skill set necessary for a successful career in bioinformatics and computational biology. Prepare to make an impact on vital challenges such as Alzheimer’s, autism, diabetes, obesity, genetically modified organisms (GMO), and greenhouse gas sequestration.



At least three credits of Capstone course (BI- GY 810X BIOINFORMATICS CAPSTONE) are required to fulfill the M.S. Bioinformatics requirement for graduation. This is a variable credit course from 3cr to 9crs. Which means that you can take it for three or if you have six credits remaining you can take it for the six.


Preparatory Course

The NYU Tandon Bridge course is recommended to those interested in a Bioinformatics master's degree who are lacking a Bioinformatics degree or other substantial related experience.


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