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The last decade has seen unprecedented changes in biotech, biomedicine, biomanufacturing, and bioengineering. Most of it is fueled by new genomics and other omics technologies that generate massive amount of data, but also do so at a higher and higher resolution going down to single molecules and single cells. The resulting data need to be interpreted carefully, because a single mutation in a base (e.g., “​SNP​”​) could be the cause of a disease. ​The resulting data is massive, as biotech​’​s Moore​’​s law grows exponentially (doubling every five months in comparison to computers​’ ​doubling every eighteen months).


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We at Tandon are educating and nurturing tomorrow​’​s biotech rock-stars, who can address infectious diseases (e.g., Zika or Ebola), genetic diseases (e.g., Cancer, Alzheimer or Autism), public health (Personalized Health Care Program, Diabetes or Obesity), agriculture (e.g., GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms) and green technology (e.g., Energy or GHG(Green House Gas)-sequestration.

Th​is NY State approved​​ program meets industry's demand for professionals with solid foundations in genomics, proteomics,​ and transcriptomics;​ Algorithms, statistics and biotechnology; programming (Python, Perl and R)​;​ ​data science, AI and ML; ​sequence and pathway analysis, as well as a host of genome informatics tools and algorithms such as BLAST, BioPython, BioPerl, Bioconductor, and UCSC genome browser.

Tandon also provides the NYU Tandon Bridge program to prepare students with insufficient background in core computer science before admission.

Students who earn a Bioinformatics Advanced Certificate may apply those credits towards the Bioinformatics Master's Degree. Note that only 9 credits from the Advanced Certificate can be used towards the Bioinformatics Master Degree program.

Our 30 credit program offers you a refined skill set including but not limited to functional annotation, statistical analysis, algorithmic development and genomics and proteomics.

Brooklyn Bridge

NYU Tandon Bridge

The NYU Tandon Bridge Program is a prerequisite course recommended to those interested in applying for the Bioinformatics Master's Degree who are lacking a background in science or engineering.

Admission Requirements

In order to be eligible to apply for any of our master’s programs, you must meet the following criteria:

You must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, which includes a minimum of four years of full-time study. Bachelor of Engineering degrees (based on 180+ ECTS credits) may also be considered. Attention will be given to the programs accredited by ABET and programs accredited/approved by other various regional accrediting associations.

This program requires a graduate status and certain prerequisite courses depending on your background. If you have a background in computer science or a similar program, you are required to take a chemical and biological foundation in Bioinformatics course. If you are from a chemical or biological science background, you are required to take Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving and Data Structures and Algorithms.

The following is a list of all action items required to apply.

  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • Official Transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE or GMAT Score
    The GRE is required for full-time applicants to this program and is not required for part-time applicants. It cannot be substituted with the GMAT.
  • English Language Proficiency Testing

For more details on the above list, please review the Master’s and Advanced Certificate Application Checklist section.

If you come from a non-engineering background you can prepare to apply for the Cybersecurity Master’s Degree in the following way:

NYU Tandon Bridge

The 100% online NYU Bridge to Tandon fulfills any prerequisite courses required by the Cybersecurity Master’s program, and is recommended to those interested in applying for the Cybersecurity Master's Degree who are lacking a background in science or engineering.

The Bridge is a single course equivalent to 400 hours of learning and more than 3 courses containing topics in Computer Programming in C++, Object Oriented Design, Discrete Math, Data Structures and Algorithms, Principles of Operating Systems, and Introduction to Computer Networks.

If you have a degree in liberal arts or similar, the Bridge program will provide you with the tools needed to upgrade your math, science or engineering knowledge for consideration to a selection of master’s degrees at the School of Engineering.


NYU Tandon Bridge

Current Curriculum

Laboratory Science Concentration (Required Courses):

Course BI-GY7543 is a capstone.

3 Credits Proteomics for Bioinformatics BI-GY7543
The online proteomics course contributes an application focused specialty class to the bioinformatics curriculum. It will be a tour-de-force of modern proteomics methods and analysis in the context of practical research and clinical applications. The course will teach fundamentals, applications, experiments and predictions in parallel. Thus, each week will include a mix of interactive approaches from background learning, to understanding experimental methodology pro and con, to software usage and sophisticated bioinformatics approaches to prediction. Limitations and complementary of prediction methods will be emphasized. It is desirable (but not required) for students to complete a Biochemistry course before taking this course.
Prerequisites: Bioinformatics I.
BI-GY7653 Please refer to the bulletin for more information

Translational Science Concentration (Required Courses):

Course BI-GY7733 is a capstone.

BI-GY7733 Please refer to the bulletin for more information
BI-GY7693 Please refer to the bulletin for more information

BI-GY7633 Please refer to the bulletin for more information
3 Credits Special Topics in “informatics in Chemical and Biological Sciences” BI-GY7573
This course covers special topics on various advanced or specialized topics in chemo- or bioinformatics that are presented at intervals.