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FRE Department News

News highlights for the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering

Group shoot of FRE teams with trophies

6 March 2024: Columbia-NYU Financial Engineering Colloquium brings emerging research to wider audience (NYU Tandon)

27 September 2023: Meet Wall Street's 2023 Rising Stars (Business Insider)

11 September 2023: Meet Nizar Touzi, the new Chair of the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering (NYU Tandon)

6 September 2023: After an intensive summer boot camp, Tandon’s FRE students are ready to tackle the semester head-on (NYU Tandon)

18 May 2023: Another win for Tandon financial trading teams! (NYU Tandon)

2 March 2023: NYU Tandon’s Department of Finance and Risk Engineering stays strong (NYU Tandon)

22 July 2022: Business as usual: another competition, another win for Tandon’s trading teams (NYU Tandon)

15 June 2022: A unique conference celebrates a unique figure in the world of financial engineering (NYU Tandon)

15 December 2021: Working at the intersection of finance and sustainability (NYU Tandon)

29 November 2021: NYU Tandon’s master’s program in Finance and Risk Engineering continues its steady climb in the rankings (NYU Tandon)

3 November 2021: FRE Trading Teams Perform in Annual CME University Trading Challenge (NYU Tandon)

16 July 2021: NYU TANDON TEAMS WIN PRIZES (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

14 July 2021: The IAQF Announces the Winners of the Tenth Annual IAQF Academic Affiliate Membership Student Competition (PDF) (IAQF)

9 September 2020: Finance and Risk Engineering adds new instructors to their portfolio (NYU Tandon)

31 July 2020: Alumni Profile: Wenqi Zhou (NYU Tandon)

19 March 2020: ‘Black Swan’: A Rare Disaster, Not as Rare as Once Believed (Wall Street Journal)

5 February 2020: NYU Tandon financial engineering program ranked among the best (NYU Tandon)

18 December 2019: NYU Tandon financial engineering program ranked among the best by QuantNet (NYU Tandon)

9 December 2019: NYU Tandon alum named to Forbes “30 under 30” list (NYU Tandon)

18 November 2019: NYU Tandon trading teams achieve 5th consecutive year of wins (NYU Tandon)

26 September 2019: FRE’s Newest Faculty (NYU Tandon)

5 August 2019: Giving FRE students a head start (NYU Tandon)

5 February 2019: Tandon's Finance and Risk Engineering Department ranks 4th on the 2019 Best Masters of Financial Engineering Programs (TFE Times)

11 December 2018: NYU Tandon Adjunct Professor Gordon Ritter Named Buy-Side Quant of the Year (NYU Tandon)

5 December 2018: NYU Tandon Financial Engineering Master's Degree Program Ranked in Top 10 by QuantNet (NYU Tandon)

19 November 2018: FRE Maintains Its Winning Streak (NYU Tandon)

29 October 2018: Nassim Nicholas Taleb Honored for Exploring Methods of Decision-Making in Complex Situations (NYU Tandon)

1 October 2018: Tandon’s Finance and Risk Engineering Students Triumph at High-Profile Datathon (NYU Tandon)

31 July 2018: A Momentous Win for Tandon’s Quantitative Finance Competition Team (NYU Tandon)

7 May 2018: New Faculty Help Keep Tandon's Finance and Risk Engineering Department on the Cutting Edge (NYU Tandon)

25 October 2017: 2018 Best Master’s of Financial Engineering Programs (TFE Times)

25 July 2017: Meet the New Faces of FRE (NYU Tandon)

19 June 2017: Quant Guide 2017: NYU Tandon School of Engineering (

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