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Construction Management Minor


About the Minor

Much of what is planned and designed is intended to be built or constructed in some manner. The goals of the Undergraduate Minor in Construction Management are to teach fundamental technical and leadership skills and promote a greater understanding of the relationships among construction and the other professions to students from the various engineering disciplines and other majors who may in some way become involved in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, or operation of built systems.

For this reason, the minor has only one required course, with the remaining courses selected from among a group of Construction Management electives, which allows students to select courses that best fit their interests and complement their curricula.

Students are advised to pay particular attention to the prerequisite structure of the Construction Management courses, in particular CE-UY 4853 Construction Management Project, and to meet with a Construction Management Program Adviser upon electing to pursue the minor.

Program Requirements

A basic understanding of construction is necessary to take full advantage of the courses in the Construction Management curriculum. CE-UY 2533 Construction Project Management is required for the minor, as well as for all students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering program.  


Students must also complete at least one additional CE-UY 25xx course prior to taking any level III or IV courses. The remaining courses can be selected from CE-UY 25xx, CE-UY 35xx, and CE-45xx courses. The individual courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the minor may be 1, 2, 3, or 4 credits. Students must earn a passing grade in not less than five courses and not less than 14 credits.



  1. All CE-UY 25xx courses require CE-UY 1002 or sophomore standing;
  2. Two CE-UY 25xx course must be completed before enrolling in any CE-UY 35xx or 45xx course;

The determination as to whether any other course may satisfy any of the aforesaid prerequisites is subject to the evaluation and approval of the Construction Management Program Adviser.  

The above prerequisites are effective for students first enrolled in or after Fall 2022. See prior editions of the Bulletin for prerequisites applicable to students first enrolled prior to Fall 2022.


Additional Requirements

Students must earn a passing grade in not less than five courses and not less than 14 credits.


Optional Capstone

Students may elect an optional capstone course, CE-UY 4853* Construction Management Project, which has as prerequisites:

CE-UY 2533 Construction Project Management; one additional CE-UY 25xx; another CE-UY 25xx course, or a CE-UY 35xx or CE-UY 45xx course; and Senior standing.

It is strongly recommended that students who choose this option enroll in CE-UY 4853 as the final course in fulfillment of the minor.

*Also  listed as CE-UY 4543