Degrees and Programs

Civil and Urban Engineering

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Civil Engineering, BS

Civil engineering includes everything from the design and construction of buildings, bridges, and roads to securing our water resources and preparing for pressing environmental and social challenges.
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Construction Management, BS

Construction managers plan, direct, coordinate, and budget a wide variety of construction projects from inception to completion, all the while managing time constraints, cost and quality.
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Civil Engineering, MS

Civil engineers improve existing infrastructure systems and design projects that answer the new challenges raised by modern society. Our flexible MS program trains you to join the ranks.
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Construction Management, MS

Today’s construction professionals face a highly competitive global engineering and construction environment and our program helps you acquire the expertise to prepare you to be a leader in the construction industry.
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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering, MS

At the School of Engineering our Environmental Engineering program has an urban environmental systems emphasis with a unique concentration in many challenges that New York City and major cities of the world face.
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Environmental Science Central Park

Environmental Science, MS

The MS in Environmental Science from Tandon provides a strong foundation in the fundamental sciences as well as regulatory environment issues that govern human-natural environmental interactions.
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Transportation Management

Transportation Management, MS

Professionals in the transportation industry fill the classrooms of the MS in Transportation Management program. Join them and our distinguished faculty as you achieve a greater understanding of the issues facing transportation management.
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Transportation Planning and Engineering - Blurred Road

Transportation Planning and Engineering, MS

Graduates of the MS program in Transportation Planning and Engineering join the ranks of one of the oldest networks of transportation engineering alumni in the United States.
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Urban Infrastructure Systems, MS

With faculty members from government, industry and academia, the Urban Infrastructure Systems program is designed for professionals from engineering and non-engineering backgrounds interested in the interdisciplinary field of urban systems management.
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Civil Engineering, Ph.D.

Growing and established cities are continually meeting new infrastructure needs and maintaining older systems, such as highways, bridges, and airports. Tandon's Ph.D. in Civil Engineering program produces graduates dedicated to enriching the field.
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Transportation Planning and Engineering, Ph.D.

Individuals interested in the highest calling for the pursuit of knowledge in the science of transportation systems should consider the Ph.D. program in Transportation Planning and Engineering.
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Construction Management, AC

Our Advanced Certificate in Construction Management program offers you a chance to conduct concentrated study in construction management to further your career.
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Executive Construction Management, AC

The School of Engineering's Advanced Certificate program in Executive Construction Management enables you to combine your longtime professional experience with structured coursework to elevate your career.
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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering, AC

The Advanced Certificate in Traffic Engineering program trains our students to properly design and manage our traffic systems.
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Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning, AC

Tandon's Advanced Certificate in Transportation Planning program takes advantage of being located in NYC, offering dynamic courses that emphasize professional practices at an advanced level.
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