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Faculty Positions

New York University, one of the largest and most highly regarded private universities, is seeking to add several tenured/tenure-track faculty members to its Department of Civil and Urban Engineering in the Tandon School of Engineering. The department collaborates closely with other schools and centers of the university engaged with public health, urban informatics and planning, etc.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, a current CV along with research and teaching statements, copies of three representative publications, and the names of at least three professional references. Recent teaching evaluations should be provided if applicable. Review of applications will begin on January 15, 2017, and will continue until the position is filled.

Senior candidates wishing to explore the opportunity are encouraged to contact the department Chair, Prof. Magued Iskander 

IDC Foundation Chair in Design & Construction NYU Tandon School of Engineering invites nominations and applications for an Industry Professor to hold the IDC Design and Construction Chair in the Department of Civil & Urban Engineering. The position is made possible by an endowment provided by the IDC Foundation, which was established by the Institute of Design and Construction in Brooklyn, New York. The position is not tenured/tenure track and will involve teaching, research administration, and service. The IDC Chair is expected to lead NYU’s efforts to establish the IDC Foundation Initiative for Construction Innovation (ICI). ICI is envisioned as an industry-supported center that conducts impactful, world-class research, educational, and outreach activities, guided by the active involvement of leaders from the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) community. Apply at: apply.interfolio.com/49075 Position flyer

Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Intelligent Urban Transportation Systems

The Department of Civil & Urban Engineering at NYU Tandon School of
Engineering invites applications for a tenure track position in the area of Intelligent Urban Transportation Systems. We are particularly interested in applicants whose research and teaching relate broadly to transportation in smart and connected cities, including but not limited to real-time control, sensing and sensors, big data analytics, advanced computational techniques for very large scale and high fidelity modeling and simulation, behavioral economics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, differential privacy, smart grid and population dynamics all with applications to the field of transportation, human-machine interaction and/or security and resiliency for connected and autonomous transportation technologies.The successful candidate will join a growing group of faculty within the C2SMART Tier 1 University Transportation Center and be able to work with other colleagues in transportation and related fields at NYU.

Assistant/Associate/Professor of Transportation Infrastructure

The department invites applications at all faculty ranks specializing in transportation infrastructure. Candidates with expertise in transportation infrastructure with a focus on 1) long and short term infrastructure monitoring using state-of-the art sensing and data analytics technologies; 2) field deployment of advanced sensors to continuously monitor the performance of urban transportation systems; 3) data-driven analytical and reliability-based models for pre and post evaluation of the performance of critical structures; 4) design and deployment of sustainable, resilient, and cost-effective transportation infrastructure using new generation of reliability-based design codes, construction techniques, smart materials and sensors.

The successful candidate will lead the department’s efforts to build a world-class transportation infrastructure program in close collaboration with faculty from the transportation engineering group. A tenure-track/ tenured position at the level of Associate or Full Professor preferred. A distinguished record of scholarship, publications, leadership, curricular innovation, entrepreneurship and an excellent funding record are desired. Candidates must have or show potential for excellence in teaching and mentoring. A proven record of interdisciplinary work will be a plus. The position provides a competitive salary, benefits, housing allowance, and research start-up funds.

Apply at: apply.interfolio.com/38882

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Full-Time Staff Positions

Systems Engineer

The Systems Engineer will primarily be responsible for managing the various technological needs of the center, and in developing and maintaining the database and network infrastructure that will be relied upon for C2SMART’s project and research activity. The candidate will be tasked with making it possible to safely and securely share data, helping to better understand the role of emerging big data technologies in supporting research activity related to the center’s goals, and organizing and helping maintain C2SMART’s commercial and in-house software libraries.

In addition, the candidate will also be relied upon to provide technical guidance to faculty, staff, and students in the procurement and usage of hardware and software tools, as well as contributing towards the design and development of new tools as required by sponsored projects.

For more information and to apply, click here

Research Associate (Transportation Engineering and Analysis)

The C2SMART Center is seeking a Research Associate to participate in and
lead transportation research projects being conducted at the center. The
candidate will support faculty, staff, and student researchers, and be primarily
responsible for overseeing the execution of project tasks and deliverables.
Broadly, the Research Associate will lead or support the following tasks:

  • Data analysis, modeling, statistical analysis, and associated documentation per sponsor/client requirements
  • Visiting field sites to conduct and in some cases take the lead on administering surveys, recording and collecting data, participating in field tests, and deploying and testing new equipment such as sensors
  • Lead specific tasks that require creation and calibration of simulation models, development of performance measures, and studying and understanding trends relationships from big datasets
  • Documenting research activity and disseminating/presenting key findings and research activity to sponsors and partners

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Research Associate (Technical)

Research associate will work closely with C2SMART faculty and leadership staff in:

  • Designing automated solutions to using big data in support of model and simulation development as well as data analysis
  • Developing web-based database solutions for the Center’s activities as well individual projects and related data, in compliance with the Center’s data management plan and federally required guidelines
  • Organizing and helping maintain C2SMART’s commercial and in-house software libraries per NYU and center-prescribed policies
  • Rigorously documenting all designed infrastructure and processes to facilitate seamless technology transfer and transition

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Graduate Student Research Positions

The Department of Civil and Urban Engineering offers a limited number of research positions to exceptionally qualified students.  These positions include:

School of Engineering Fellowships which include a stipend and a tuition remission.  SOE fellowships are typically awarded to full-time PhD students.  Applicants and current students are recommended to SOE fellowships by research active faculty.  Students should contact a faculty sponsor in their chosen research area.

Graduate Student Employment and Training (GSET) Program.  These hourly positions are limited to full-time masters students in good academic standing.   Students perform research, administrative, and clerical tasks.  Positions are typically 15 hours/week for 10-14 weeks for each of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Positions are advertised on CareerNet.  

Research Assistantships.  These positions are sponsored by externally-funded research grants.  Research Assistants are expected to devote up to 20 hours per week (academic year) and up to 35 hours (summer) to duties related to the sponsoring grant. Interested students should contact research active faculty to investigate availability of positions. The following labs and centers are seeking research assistants

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