Madhu | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Everyone goes through what I like to call “moments of uncertainty” in their lives. This moment was what led me to pursue a master’s degree at NYU.  I had been working for a couple of years as a technology analyst across the healthcare industry at a management consulting firm. I was a quick learner, and I felt like I had all the right attributes to make a great consultant in the future. However, there was a realization that the breadth of the healthcare industry made it difficult to navigate without extensive technical expertise. I knew this was a skill I needed to gain. Enter the Biotechnology Masters at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

The projects and papers that I researched and wrote in the core classes became excellent examples of work for my portfolio. The flexible elective policy in the program, allowed me to take advanced courses that I could get specialized in subjects I was interested in. The skills that I garnered in this program were truly the reason behind me getting a summer internship in a leading pharmaceutical company, and then a full-time position as a researcher in one of the most prestigious cancer centers in the US after graduation. In the future, I know that whatever career trajectory I choose, I have been empowered with the skills and capability to grow and learn.