Chenghao | NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Headshot of Chenghao

After obtaining my BS degree in Biological Sciences in China, Biotechnology aroused my interest and I decided to come to the U.S. because it is at the cutting edge of technology in this field. With this in mind, I enrolled in the Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship MS program at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering which brought me to a city full of wonders and opportunities to realize my American dream.

This program allows you to learn both biology and business. I feel the course Biochips and Biosensors was the most interesting; this multi-disciplinary course and inspires your innovation and imagination. Two other courses benefited me greatly in my current area of work. One is Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry which shows you how new drugs are developed from a lead compound to launch. Another is Immunology, which was like experiencing the different adventures of our well-armed bodies with their arsenal of weapons to fight against pathogens. For the business part, I recommend the course on Business Analytics. Also, learning programming skills is useful too, to give yourself a competitive edge while searching for jobs.

NYU is a great place with a lot of resources: The Wasserman Center gave me great advice regarding career development. The Maker Space allowed me to try fancy technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting, just to name a couple. Also, Future Labs is where entrepreneurs/start-ups meet and where I learned the business pitch. As the competition for jobs gets fiercer, it’s better to start job hunting as early as one can. In the first summer, I got a job at Lenox Hill Radiology and this helped me to find my next job right after graduation. Now I work in an immuno-oncology pharmaceutical start-up on Wall St developing drugs to fight cancer and chemotherapy-induced-neutropenia.