Jenny | NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Headshot of Jenny

Being a part of the Biotechnology program at NYU Tandon School of Engineering was the best decision I’ve made for my career. The program was challenging, relevant, and interesting. The curriculum was diverse, and allowed for students to learn about many different topics under the umbrella of biotechnology, some including biosensors, biomaterials, biocatalysis, drug design and pharmaceuticals. The lectures and projects were always relevant and helped to connect the curriculum to current real-world ideas and applications. The advisors and professors were responsive and helpful, as they really want you to succeed in the program and in your career afterwards. The knowledge I took away from my courses helped me secure a full-time industry position before I graduated.

Currently, I work at a drug discovery company in Manhattan, with dual roles as a Research Associate and Lab Automation Engineer. The skills and knowledge I’ve learned from the program are directly applicable to my everyday tasks and helped lay the solid foundation I needed to jumpstart my career in biotechnology. I will always be thankful for my experience at NYU and recommend it to prospective students who are ready to challenge themselves and get involved in this growing industry.