Ben | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Pursuing my MS in Biotechnology from NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering was one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. Despite rigorous undergraduate studies in biochemistry, I felt that I had only scratched the surface of molecular biosciences. In addition, I still did not know how to apply my current knowledge towards practical solutions for today’s medical needs. This program, alongside real-world experiences, provided me the knowledge and skillset necessary to succeed in the biomedical field.

I was most attracted to this program by its diverse curriculum and because New York City is gaining momentum as a hub for biotechnology and biotech start-ups. The required courses lay a strong foundation for students to ascertain and understand the practical uses of biological elements with a strong emphasis in medicine. Content that is covered within each course is broad in scope yet detailed in scientific rationale, enabling students to discover a particular field of biotechnology they are passionate about. These courses also simulate workplace environments by challenging students with projects ranging from designing a practical biosensor to developing a drug for an unmet medical need. In addition, students have access to pursue additional interests through elective courses. For example, since I was interested in project management, I took an introductory project management course from the School of Professional Studies.

The city provides students with ample opportunities to network and gain experience as they pursue their degree. I was fortunate enough to take full advantage of the program’s flexibility and performed research part-time at an immunotherapy start up while studying for my degree. This significantly improved my critical thinking and professional skills and made me a highly competitive candidate for employment post-graduation. Upon graduation, I immediately secured a research position at a prominent biotechnology company here in New York City developing products with stem cells. I fully attribute this seamless transition to the knowledge and skillset I acquired from this program.