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Research Initiatives

NYU Tandon supports research initiatives that serve as the catalyst for grants, interdisciplinary study, and partnership development.

They provide researchers a way to explore novel ideas that can lead to new opportunities.

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Sustainable Engineering

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The Sustainable Engineering Initiative is devoted to developing comprehensive and tangible engineering methods of addressing climate change & environmental contamination. The initiative’s researchers will be focused on a framework they call AMRAd: avoiding emissions and pollutants whenever possible; mitigating them when total avoidance isn’t possible; remediating in cases where mitigation is insufficient, and developing engineering adaptations to situations beyond human control.

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The NanoBioX initiative at NYU enables synergistic creative collaborations of our visionary faculty that will bridge our core research themes of nanofabrication, nanoelectronics, biotechnology, and data science. Our mission is to stimulate fundamental research, while enabling the translation of scientific discoveries into commercial technologies and fostering training and mentoring of next-generation scientists and engineers.

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