Rules For 13th Floor Spaces at CUSP | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Rules For 13th Floor Spaces at CUSP

Learn more about the meeting rooms and study spaces available to CUSP students.

Students chat in the kitchen on the 13th floor of 370 Jay St.

General Rules

  • This is a professional space. Be respectful of the work environment.
  • NYU IDs must be visible on your person at all times. If you need a lanyard, please go to the NYU Tandon Card Center located on the ground floor of 2 MetroTech in Brooklyn or request it at the CUSP front desk.
  • Employees must send names of guests (both NYU and non-NYU) to Receptionist to forward to Public Safety.
  • Staff will be allowed 24-hour access (demarcation stickers will be provided).
  • Student hours are M-F, 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM and weekends 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM. CUSP students will have a demarcation sticker indicating permission to be on the 13th floor. If you do not have access, please connect with
  • Do not occupy in an office or cubicle that has not been assigned to you.
  • Any found items will be placed in the Lost and Found at the 13th floor Reception Desk and discarded after 30 days.
  • Service Animals are the only animals allowed on the premises.
  • CUSP staff, faculty, and students may not use the 12th floor or its resources unless previously permitted to access the lab spaces there or attending an event in Seminar Room 1201.
  • Front desk/office hours: 

Monday: 11:45 AM – 5 PM
Tuesday: 9 AM – 3:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:45 AM – 5 PM
Thursday: 9 AM – 3:30 PM
Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Guest Policy

  • The presence of a guest at CUSP must not compromise the personal or academic well-being of CUSP members. Additionally, CUSP members are responsible for the behavior of their guest(s) at all times.
  • Guests who are NYU students and who are not CUSP-affiliated may be eligible to enter the 13th floor of 370 Jay St by presenting their NYU ID card along at the Campus Safety Desk.
  • Guests must be signed in at the CUSP front desk and need to be escorted by a CUSP host at all times.
  • Should a guest’s presence in the 13th floor create a disturbance or disruption to the CUSP community, that individual may be asked to leave by a staff member.
  • Failure to comply with this policy can lead to student conduct action.

Room Reservation & Use Guidelines

Conference room bookings are for CUSP staff and students only. Rooms can be booked for up to 4 hours from Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Rooms will otherwise be locked unless special arrangements are made. Please use the designated learning commons and shared space for study. Workstations are reserved for research teams and staff. Contact to reserve a room. 

Use Guidelines & End of Meeting Checklist:

  • Reservations and room usage require all members to abide by safety precautions, including wearing masks and face coverings.
  • If you require accommodations to eat in a private and closed space, please connect with the CUSP Education Team.
  • Dispose of all trash after using conference rooms.
  • Clean white board and return markers to basket. Cleaner and paper towels are provided.
  • Turn off the Crestron system.
  • Return “Reserved” sign to Reception.

Meeting Rooms, Occupancy, & Features

Brooklyn Conference Room (1325): Seats 28, A/V Conferencing enabled, can only be reserved through

Madrid Conference Room (1321): Seats 10, A/V conferencing enabled, fixed layout w/ conference table.

Buenos Aires Conference Room (1334): Seats 10, A/V conferencing enabled, fixed layout w/ conference table. **Conference table can double as a ping pong table.** If you use the table for ping pong, please return it to its conference table configuration after playing and properly stow all game equipment. Be aware of how nearby rooms are being used before starting a game so as not to disturb others.

Prague Room (1329): Seats 4, A/V conferencing available. Wall-mounted monitors can be connected to via VGA or HDMI connections in the table top.

Accra Meeting Room (1337): Seats 4, A/V conferencing available. Wall-mounted monitors can be connected to via VGA or HDMI connections in the table top.

Phone Booths (2 person occupancy):

  • Jupiter (1328)
  • Saturn (1331) Privacy Room
  • Uranus (1333)
  • Neptune (1335) 

Additional Communal & Shared Spaces

  • Learning Commons (across from the Sensor Lab 1302) seats 32 and hosts computers for CUSP MS student use only
  • 13th floor reception area and adjacent high top tables
  • White board corridor across from room 1315
  • Pearl Street corridor with benches and counters
  • Open conference table on 13th floor next to room 1327


The Pantry (room 1340) is for staff only. Students may use the microwave and toaster only.

  • Refrigerator: Label all food and beverages with your full name (no initials) and date. All old, expired, or inadequately labeled food will be removed. No food may be stored in cabinets.
  • Microwave: Clean microwave after each use. Plastic microwave covers are provided. DO NOT PUT METAL OR ALUMINUM FOIL IN THE MICROWAVE.
  • Be green! Use only your own reusable cups, plates, and utensils whenever possible.
  • Sink: No items may be left in the sink. Any personal items left in the sink overnight will be discarded.


  • Copy room is 1338.
  • Copier is for staff and faculty only and requires a code. Printers are not intended for printing large jobs such as books. To request the copier code, visit Reception.
  • There is an NYU print station for students located in the Learning Commons.
  • Please be diligent to pick up your materials as soon as they are printed.
  • The office supplies in the copy room are for copy room use only and should not be removed. If you need any office supplies, please see Reception.
  • Shredder and technoscrap are located in the copy room.
  • If any equipment is malfunctioning or out of paper/toner, please report it immediately to Reception.
  • All outgoing mail should be given to Reception or placed in the outgoing mail bin (located at Reception desk). Mail must have appropriate postage.
  • Students may not receive personal mail to 370 Jay Street, as it will be returned to sender.
  • USPS and NYU Interoffice mail gets picked up once a day; the outgoing mailboxes are located at Reception desk. Special requests (UPS service) can be made through Receptionist.

Shared Sensor Lab

The Shared Sensor Lab (Room 1302) is a common space designed to allow for the testing of sensor concepts for current or future research. For card access to this room, please see Amanda Ryley.

Updated August 2023.