Constructing a long list of honors

Frank Corona is elected to the College of Fellows of the Construction Management Association of America


Adjunct Professor Frank Corona has multiple acronyms following his name, each indicative of a prestigious certification or membership: PE (Professional Engineer), CCM (Certified Construction Manager), DBIA (Design-Build Institute of America)...

That list recently got a new addition — F.CMAA — indicating that Corona was elected in 2023 to the College of Fellows of the Construction Management Association of America.

The CMAA is dedicated to improving the nation’s infrastructure by advancing professional construction and program management worldwide. Its membership is made up of public and private organizations, owners, and practitioners, and election to its college of fellows is among the highest honors that the organization can bestow on one of its more than 19,000 members. Members are nominated and selected as fellows in recognition of their demonstrated leadership in the industry, their significant contributions to the profession, the industry, the association, and their commitment to the future. 

Corona is an alumnus as well as an adjunct professor. In 1995, he earned a master’s degree in management with a concentration in construction management from Polytechnic University (a precursor to NYU Tandon). He is currently Vice President and Construction Project Management Director at AECOM,  a highly regarded infrastructure consulting firm. 

“Besides his work at AECOM, his role as an educator showcases Professor Corona’s unwavering dedication to the future of the construction management industry,” Magued Iskander, the chair of Tandon’s Department of Civil and Urban Engineering (CUE), says. “His induction into the CMAA College of Fellows reflects his outstanding leadership, commitment to CMAA's core objectives, and advocacy for the organization's future. With a wealth of knowledge and experience from his academic and professional endeavors, he stands as a significant and motivating presence at CUE and within AECOM. His contributions play a crucial role in advancing the construction management profession, championing qualified construction managers, and addressing key industry issues.”