8th Annual Conference on Human Capital Innovation in Technology & Analytics

Conference / Symposium
For NYU Community

Human Capital Conference

Predicting the Future of Work: The Impact of AI

The Conference on Human Capital Innovation in Technology & Analytics has been organized annually since 2012 by the Department of Technology Management and Innovation at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.  Each year these Conferences focus on a different critical issue, bringing together prominent thought leaders and experts who are at the cutting-edge of Human Capital Analytics (HCA) and related technologies.

This year’s critical issue is “Predicting the Future of Work: The Impact of AI.” Much has been written about the changes that AI has created for work requirements. Forecasters predict that the greatest changes are yet to come. Employers, as well as governments, recognize the critical nature of these changes to internal and external labor markets. As a result, innovative AI methods are being developed to predict various human capital outcomes related to the future of work. For example, identifying which work requirements will become obsolete and what new ones will be in demand can help improve the employability of individuals, organizational competitiveness, and a nation’s economic strength.

This conference brings together thought leaders from industry, consulting firms and academia to discuss the impact of AI on the future of work. The conference will be attended by executives, managers, and professionals. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from and network with leading experts to understand how AI can be applied to predicting future skills and related human capital applications to help win in the expanding global “War for Talent”.

This Conference is presented in cooperation with TechSHRM (Society for Human Resource Management student chapter at NYU Tandon SOE), NYC SHRM and IHRIM (International Association of Human Resource Information Management).