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Is NYU Tandon Online Right for Me?

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Online Learning Factors

When considering whether an online education is right for you, NYU Tandon Online encourages you to consider these following five factors: familiarity with computers, work and personal schedule, communication skills, self-motivation, and career goals.  



Although you cannot come on campus, you have time to dedicate to your course daily. You also have access to a strong internet connection and desktop or computer on a regular basis.




Computer Familiarity

You are comfortable using the Internet, e-mailing, creating electronic documents, and transferring files.


Computer Familiality

Self Motivation

Self Motivation

You are a working professional, able to develop a feasible study schedule, dedicate time for viewing lectures, and complete assignments within a week.




Communication Skills

You are comfortable talking to your peers on forums, chats and webinars. If you are an international applicant, you should have command of the English language.


Communication Skills

Career Goals

Career Goals

You want a supportive online environment, connections with peers pursuing similar goals, and the power to take your career to the next level.



Why Learn Online?

Earning a degree online has become an efficient way for many people to continue their education, and employers know that today’s most prepared learners become tomorrow’s most desirable professionals.  

No barrier

No more geographical, physical, or time barriers that could prevent you from attending class.


24/7 accessibility allows you to learn whenever it is most convenient for you.

Self pace

Our highly involved instructors will provide weekly encouragement for you to participate and complete coursework.

Archived materials

Learn at your own pace with archived materials available to you all the time.

Computer Skills

Enhance your computer & internet skills with online learning and become a desirable employee in today’s workplace.