Emerging Computing Technologies: Cybersecurity

Emerging Computing Technologies, Cybersecurity

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January 25, 2021


Online Program
15 Weeks per Course
3 Courses Total

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** Alumni Scholarships Available

Developed by New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, the Certificate for Emerging Computing Technologies: Cybersecurity allows students to take graduate-level courses from Tandon Online’s MS degree program in Cybersecurity to achieve the cutting-edge skills needed in this interdisciplinary course of study.

With vast amounts of sensitive data stored in the digital universe, it’s more critical than ever to safeguard it:

  • Current estimates place worldwide spending on Cybersecurity in excess of $170B
  • Meanwhile, there are an estimated 2.5 million breaches every year, and 3.5 million unfilled jobs worldwide

The effects of Covid-19 have only accelerated these trends as remote workforces and learners expand globally. The opportunities to enter or advance in this burgeoning field are endless, but one needs to have the skills to pursue them.

Who Is This Certificate For?

This certificate allows both those who are new to the field, or are experienced cybersecurity professionals, to take the courses they want to introduce them to core concepts, or fill in advanced areas of study.

Depending on the specific Focus Area you choose, it is recommended prospective students enter with the following:

  • Significant experience and/or coursework in programming
  • Mathematics background - equivalent to computer science/engineering disciplines
  • Some knowledge of algorithm design and statistics
  • Some knowledge of computer security

Certificate Highlights: Focus Areas

Build the sequence of study you want from the graduate-level courses offered by Tandon Online’s award-winning faculty. Students pursuing the Certificate for Emerging Computing Technologies: Cybersecurity may select any three courses from those offered in the semester of your enrollment. Most introductory courses are offered every semester. Advanced electives vary from semester to semester. Four Focus Areas are available:

Computer Technologies Cyber Operations
CS-GY 6843 Computer Networking CS-GY 6823 Network Security
CS-GY 6233 Introduction to Operating Systems CS-GY 9223 Offensive Security
CS-GY 6083 Principles of Database Systems CS-GY 6573 Penetration Testing
Cyber Defense Advanced Cyber Technologies*
CS-GY 6813 Information, Security, and Privacy CS-GY 6923 Machine Learning
CS-GY 6823 Network Security CS-GY 6963 Digital Forensics
CS-GY 6963 Digital Forensics CS-GY 9163 Application Security

* Sequence shown is an example only. This focus may include any elective offerings. Course offerings vary semester to semester.

Detailed course listing and descriptions can be found under the “Curriculum” section here.


Upon completion of the three course sequence participants with grades averaging a C or better will be awarded a digital Certificate of Completion by New York University Tandon School of Engineering. If a participant’s grades average B or better, they will receive a Certificate with Distinction.