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Application Process

Tandon specializes in advising on medical and dental applications. We can assist with all others to a certain extent.

Application Checklist

Application Process

Applying to health professional schools is a significant undertaking with many moving parts. Unlike undergrad, students do not just apply widely and get in somewhere. This competitive process results in less than 50% of applicants successfully matriculating into these health schools. The proper discipline and preparation is required for all interested applicants.

Most health professional schools require applicants to submit applications more than a year before they plan to matriculate and require, in addition to the completion of the prehealth course sequence, letters of recommendation, evidence of extracurricular involvement, standardized test scores, essays and interviews.


Applicants are expected to participate in the process and stay informed of application procedures in the following ways:

  • Complete Tandon's Prehealth Professions course - PHP-UY 4000. This is required for all students applying to a health professional school and requesting a committee letter. We recommend you complete this course during the academic year in which you are planning to submit your health school application. Otherwise, you would need to complete this during the final year of your undergraduate studies, even if you are planning to complete a gap year.
  • Review the medical school application timeline or a dental school application timeline.
  • If you haven't already, please fill out the Tandon Prehealth Interest Form. This will give you access to the Tandon Prehealth Portal, which will be your new one stop shop for all things Tandon Prehealth.

Important information for reapplicants:

  • Reapplicants must follow all of the above steps as detailed below. This is whether you are a reapplicant to the committee or to a health professional school, or to both.

November - CLA Part 1

Intent to Apply to a Health Professional School

due November 1st each year
(for Fall 2024 matriculation, Part 1 must be submitted in Fall 2022)
  • Submit Part 1 by November 1 two years prior to the fall term in which you want to begin your health studies.
  • Only students who submit Part 1 will be contacted about filling out the rest of the CLA.
  • Note: you must log into your Prehealth Portal in order to submit Part 1.
  • Both new applicants and reapplicants must submit Part 1 each year.

February - CLA Part 2

Application Materials for Committee Letter

due February 1st each year
(for Fall 2024 matriculation, Part 2 must be submitted in Spring 2023)
  • Submit Part 2 by February 1 one year prior to the fall term in which you intend to begin your studies.
  • You cannot submit Part 2 if you haven't already submitted Part 1. Only sutdents who submitted Part 1 will be contacted with the link for Part 2.
  • Both new applicants and reapplicants MUST submit a new Part 2 each year.

Requirements for Part 2 include:

  1. Academic information
  2. Resume
  3. Personal statement
  4. Activity List
  5. Short Essays
  6. Prerecorded interview

March - Health Professional Exams

Sign up and sit for a Standardized Health Professional School Exam

  • If you haven't already taken it, make sure you have a scheduled date for your health professional school exam (MCAT, DAT, OAT, etc.).
  • Also, don't forget about CASPer if your intended schools require it.

May - CLA Part 3

Final Reference List

due May 15th each year
  • Collect final recommendation letters from references and submit your final reference list by May 15 via Part 3 of the committee letter application, which will be shared with those who submit Part 2 updates by February 1st.

June - Health Professional School Application

Apply to Health Professional Schools

most applications open up for submission June 1st of each year and can be submitted until early/mid October
  • Submit your official health professional school application. These are generally able to be submitted as early as June 1. The majority of schools use one of the following common applications.
  • Make sure to check with the individual schools you plan to apply to about what they use.
    • American medical college application service (AMCAS) American association of colleges of osteopathic medicine application service (AACOMAS)
    • Associated American dental school application service (AADSAS)
    • Optometry centralized application service (OptomCAS)
    • Texas medical and dental schools application service (TMDSAS)
    • Veterinary medical college application service (VMCAS)

July - CLA Part 4

Committee Letter Request form

rolling deadline from June through October
  • Submit Part 4 - Committee Letter Request form to Tandon so that we can add the committee letter packet to your health professional school application. There is no due date for this form as medical school admissions are rolling usually until sometime in October). That said, the earlier you submit to us the better, as it can take 2-4 weeks to compile all the documents together for submission.
  • Both new applicants and reapplicants must submit a committee letter request form in order to receive a committee letter.

August - Secondary Applications

Secondary Application Submissions

rolling deadline from July/August through November
  • Submit any secondary applications you receive from individual schools. It is recommended that you send these back within 2 weeks of receiving them.

Next Steps

What to do next?

  • Prepare for interviews

    • Request a mock interview from the Tandon Prehealth Committee.
  • Continue to complete coursework, volunteer/shadow, work, take on leadership roles, perform research, do community service, etc. while awaiting interview invitations. Send updates to schools as necessary.
  • While awaiting decisions, start prepping for a reapplication, if necessary.