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Who's Who at the PTC?

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John Paul Cleveland, Director, came to the School of Engineering in September 2012. Prior to coming to the School of Engineering, John Paul was the Director of the Tutoring Center at Pace University at the lower Manhattan campus. He obtained a bachelors degree in Religion from Florida Southern College, a masters degree in Theology from Duke University, and a second masters degree in Philosophy from the University of South Florida. In addition to directing the activities of the PTC, John Paul spends a lot of time thinking about best practices in tutorial delivery, and in the classroom, he teaches philosophy and ethics courses. In his free time, John Paul is an avid runner and has run the NYC Marathon thirteeen years now and counting.

Dina Cruz-Cadiz, Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Academics, serves four different departments: General Engineering, General Studies, PTC, and Undergraduate Academics in providing assistance with payroll, HR, business office, and other administrative functions. She came from the beautiful islands of the Philippines. She loves interacting with people and enjoys learning about their different cultures. During her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, Broadway shows, and has a passion for cooking and baking. She graduated in 2013 in the Master’s of Science Program in Organizational Behavior.


Deborah Alabi, MATLAB & Chemistry Tutor,  is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She has  always had a passion for helping others, which is why she decided to become an engineer. The PTC helped provide Deborah with the tools she needed to excel in subjects like Chemistry and MATLAB. She enjoys tutoring because it allows her to help others understand a subject while strengthening her own comprehension. In her spare time Deborah likes listening to music and watching YouTube videos.

Ziyan (Annie) An, Computer Science Tutor, is a sophomore student majoring in Computer Science. She loves helping other people and explaining computer science concepts. She was motivated to be a tutor at PTC because she received a lot of help from PTC during her first year at Tandon, and more importantly, she believes that discussions promote learning. After graduation, Annie wishes to enter the industry and makes a difference in the field of Computer Science. 

Boris Arbuzov, Physics Tutor, is a senior majoring in Applied Physics. His plans post-graduation are likely to purse graduate school in physics, although he’s not yet sure what he wants to specialize in (and is very stressed about it.) He’s spent a lot of time in the PTC during his time at Tandon and has always enjoyed meeting friends there to either do work or just to complain about how much work we all have to do. He has several semesters worth of experience tutoring math and has always loved explaining concepts intuitively as well as with appropriate mathematical rigor. His favorite part about tutoring is seeing that light turn on in students’ eyes when they have that “aha!” moment.  When he’s not studying at Tandon or running to and from his campus jobs, Boris likes to spend his free time (haha, good one) exercising, trying to teach himself the guitar, and being bad at video games.

Giles Bischoff, Computer Science tutor, is a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering. He is a huge ice hockey fan and loves the Vegas Golden Knights. Working towards his aspiration of doing a PhD in Digital Signal Processing, he also deeply enjoys mathematics, primarily statistics, and is very much excited to give back to the NYU community by tutoring at the PTC.

Anton Cano, MATLAB Tutor, is a sophomore studying Civil Engineering. He aims to give back to his community back home in the Philippines by eventually going into urban planning and development. He has always enjoyed tutoring people who are eager to learn and helping them reach their academic goals. In his free time, he likes to play soccer, either in real life or on the PS4. 

Sunny Chantanakajonfung, Chemistry Tutor, is a junior majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Her favorite past time includes tasting different pastries, and she can be found at various cake boutiques during my free time. Sunny was born in Thailand but spent most of her childhood in Singapore before moving to the United Kingdom. In the future, Sunny wants to contribute back to the society and work in the medical field. She looks forward to meet all future students and hopes that she is able to help them gain further understanding in chemistry. 

Louise Chen, Chemistry Tutor, is a senior majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and minoring in Business Studies. She is also a tutor for Math Department and TRIO Scholars Program. She has great enthusiasm for Habitat for Humanity International Program and one of her dream jobs is to travel and build. She loves helping people and oh, she loves smiling too. If you have any questions or concerns at PTC, she will be very happy and patient to help you out.

Yuewei Fu, MATLAB tutor, is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. He shares a profound interest in computer science alongside mechanical engineering. Being a firm believer in automation, he found the bridge between software and hardware the most gravitating, and hope one day he will be able to work on it. The PTC provided help to him in time when he needed it, and now he wants to share his knowledge acquired along the course to others.    

Connie He, Computer Science Tutor, is currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. She was born in China and went to middle and high school in New Jersey. Connie is a certified scuba diver, and she loves to travel and practice fencing. As a tutor, she enjoys analyzing different approaches to a problem with her peers. Connie is motivated by helping them to have a better grasp of the concept and achieve their individual academic goals.

Leo Ho, Computer Science Tutor, is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. He was born and raised in Vietnam. His hobbies include playing sports, watching movies or anime, reading books, or gaming on his ps4. He also loves soccer. As a tutor, he would love to be able to help students solve their problems and reach their goals

Audre Lai, Physics Tutor, is a junior studying mechanical engineering. Audre transferred to Tandon from Liberal Studies Program during her sophomore year. Currently, she works at a nanomagnetism lab doing research on anisotropic magnetoresistance. Audre hopes to combine her learning in research with her study in ME and work on the application of sensors and memory storage in the future. In her free time, Audre likes to (citi)bike along the river, stop by on a bench and read a good book. Audre looks forward to this upcoming semester and is excited to help fellow students and also learn from them at the PTC!

Luísa Leonelli, Chemistry Tutor, is a junior studying Neural Science. She had a lot of help from the PTC when taking MATLAB and was encouraged to become a tutor at the PTC. She loves to study anything related to sciences and plans on going to graduate school. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, loves going to concerts and listening to the Beatles and Queen. Ask her anything and she will be happy to help you.

Tammy Li, MATLAB Tutor, is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Public Policy. She received a lot of help from the PTC tutors when she was taking MATLAB, and that was why she decided to join PTC and become a tutor. She is not quite sure what to do after she graduates, so she wants to try a little bit of everything just to find out. She loves to explore different cuisines. In her spare time, you can catch her wandering around the city, either hunting for good food or on the way to eat. 

Xinru Li, Computer Science Tutor, is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Finance and Mathematics. She loves baking, traveling, and playing chess, and is a movie person. She had the experience of being a tutor for two years and is an enthusiastic and passionate individual who enjoys sharing knowledge with a proven record of helping other progress through positive learning experiences. Xinru enjoys discussing various solving methods with peers and improves together with vigorous students, and she is excited to be a PTC tutor to help fellow students.

Xuanzheng (Skipper) Lin, Computer Science tutor, is a senior majoring Computer Science & Economics. He goes by Skipper. He is a huge Lakers fan and enjoys playing basketball. Besides, Skipper loves to spend time in gym. In addition, he is a foodie. As a CS tutor, he is dedicated to help students to understand the concepts rather than to provide the solutions for problems.

Rosaura Ocampo, MATLAB Tutor and CS 1133 Team Leader, was born and raised in Chicago which is partly the reason she chose NYU as she wanted to continue living in a big city. She is a senior and mechanical engineering major. Rosaura enjoys rollerblading, listening to music, dancing, singing, and watching Netflix in her free time. She has always loved tutoring and is looking forward to seeing many students take advantage of the PTC.

Caroline Paulson, Bio/Chemistry Tutor, is a junior majoring in Biomolecular Sciences. Wanting to pursue Biomedical Engineering as her masters, she is also interested in physics and material science. In her free time, she enjoys watching True Crime shows such as forensics files and also cooking shows, keeping up with current events, and also playing video games. She enjoys tutoring people and looks forward to helping students obtain clarity in the subjects they find confusing.

Peter Pongsachai, Physics Tutor, is a senior studying mechanical engineering. He goes by his nickname Peter. He was initially nicknamed "Plane" because he was due when his mother was overseas and was scheduled to be born when she was in a plane returning to Thailand. His mother later changed his nickname to Peter after a famous Thai actor because his grandmother often mispronounces his name as "Pain," and people see this as bad luck since he had asthma as a child. Peter was born in Thailand and moved to New York in 2009. Because of the difference in educational systems of Thailand and US, Peter never officially graduated from elementary school.

Purnima Prasad, Chemistry Tutor, is a junior majoring in Civil and Urban Engineering and would like to pursue her masters in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. She intends to utilize her civil and chemical engineering knowledge to create/identify more sustainable materials to build the various structures we see around us. When she is not busy working on her civil and chemical engineering research projects, she can be found cooking several types of dishes, watching Asian dramas, or volunteering at her local library/hospital. She receives great joy in helping people out whenever she can, and as a chemistry tutor at the PTC, she hopes that she can help her peers understand their chemistry lessons better.

Nicola Ramdass, Physics Tutor, is a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering. She's from a small island in the Caribbean called Trinidad so New York City has been an adventure. She is an avid traveler and aims to hit all 50 states before she graduates. She has always wanted to be a doctor but realized her talents were in math and physics so she decided to pursue an engineering degree to inadvertently be a doctor by, hopefully if everything goes to plan, designing medical devices. In her free time, she loves bike riding and painting, and although she may not be the best at either, she loves taking time for herself. 

Michael Russo, Physics and Circuits Tutor & Physics Team Leader, is a senior studying electrical engineering. He was born and raised in Brooklyn and enjoys shooting pool. He likes seeing movies and cooking adobo. After graduating, Michael wants to do work in avionics or telecommunications.

Ghania Saleh, Chemistry Tutor,  is a junior at NYU Stern School of Business majoring in Business and transferred from Mechanical Engineering after her freshmen year at Tandon. Ghania was born and raised in Pakistan. She intends to start up her own business after working for a few years. She has always been interested in wedding planning and loves shopping at art stores. 

Leon Scheffs-Bevington, Physics Tutor, is a junior majoring in mathematics and physics. In addition to math, Leon enjoys gaming and comedy TV shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation. He also loves spending free time running and watching baseball. Leon agrees with Boris that the best thing about tutoring is that split-second 'aha' moment when the student gets the concept.

Ayden Wang, Computer Science and Chemistry Tutor, is a junior majoring in Computer Science. Ayden received a lot of help from the PTC during freshman and sophomore year and now has the exciting opportunity to help other students. Gaming and watching movies or TV shows is what Ayden enjoys the most, and it is games like Watch Dogs and TV shows like Mr.Robot that inspired the choice of becoming a programmer. Ayden also loves to go to museums and wander around exhibitions with headphone plugged in. 

Patrick Wang, Computer Science Tutor, is a senior majoring in computer science, and he is pursuing a minor in game design. Born and raised in China, Patrick's dream is to revitalize the Chinese gaming industry and create world-renowned Chinese games. In his free time, Patrick likes to play games (obviously), but he also loves listening to music. He dreams to have his own grand piano one day and be able to play it like the masters do. In terms of tutoring, he believes that communication is the key, and he will do anything he can to help students with their questions.

Leo Zhang, Physics Tutor, is a junior majoring physics and math, minoring in computer science. He loves jpop and jazz as much as abstract math. He’s always willing to chat about cool math concepts and insights with you if you’re bored. He believes visualization is the core to understanding in all mathematics and sciences when it comes to tutoring, and he thinks he can draw the best looking diagrams of all tutors if there’s a competition. (*-ω-)

Yujia Zhang, Computer Science Tutor & CS Team Leader, is a junior computer science student. She was born and raised in China. She is a tutor in both computer science and discrete math. Her favorite hobby is jogging and doing photography. She runs half- marathons every year and is always willing to take photos for friends.  She is friendly, enthusiastic, and patient as a tutor.  She is always willing to share her problem solving logic to students or figure out new, efficient ways to solve problems with students. If you have questions, she is always willing for help.



Subject Team Leaders

Computer Science - Yujia Zhang (CS 1114, 1134 & 2124) and Rosaura Ocampo (CS 1133)

Physics - Michael Russo

Chemistry - Azan Brar

Writing Consultants

Mara Goodman has a background in speech and language pathology, and literacy as well as theater. Mara has taught ESOL here in New York. She enjoys learning new languages. Mara is also a singer of classical and folk music and songs of peace and justice, both on her own and with her a cappella group, Harmonic Insurgence. Her choice to join us at the School of Engineering reflects her desire to work closely with students to help them express their own opinions and feelings.

Emily Huber is a first-year graduate student studying Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement. She has three years of experience working with English Language Learners on everything from professional writing to creative writing. Both in and outside of the university, Emily is interested in how academic writing is creative and how creative writing can be academic. She has been studying French for seven years and independently learning Italian for three years.

Office Staff

Palak Jain, Graduate Assistant, is a chemical engineer from one of the most reputed NIT universities in India and is currently majoring in Management of Technology.  She is passionate about data and technology and is looking forward to honing in and bringing these skills to her professional career.  In her free time, she loves swimming and playing badminton. Also, she is an avid yoga geek.  A connoisseur of Indian food, Palak has developed similar interests in other cuisine types after moving to New York. She wants  to try out as many Michelin rated restaurants as she can in the city.  Palak is excited about the current opportunity and is looking forward to extending her help to students, tutors and the PTC in her role. 

Baasimah Sabir is currently a junior majoring in Business and Technology Management. She has a love for all things food, and art so when she is not busy you can probably find her munching on some food. After graduation, she hopes to start working in the startup world and be apart of businesses that will have a positive impact in the community. She is looking forward to meeting all the students at the PTC, and is always willing to help out a student in need.