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Web conferencing technologies help expand communication outside the walls of classrooms and offices. Individuals are able to meet virtually whether it’s for class sessions, group projects, meetings, or presentations.

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Zoom is a cloud-based, web conferencing tool. Instructors may use Zoom for synchronous class sessions, virtual office hours, emergency replacement for face-to face sessions, or student group meetings. It’s seamless integration with NYU Classes allow instructors to easily schedule and start class sessions with audio, video, and/or screen-share.

The Zoom instructor guide provides step-by-step instructions on facilitating a Zoom meeting from NYU Classes.

The  Zoom student guide provides essential information for joining and participating in a Zoom meeting that is available through NYU Classes.

If faculty would like to record a class meeting, recording privileges have been automatically granted to faculty. As the session host, you can click the Record button at any time during the meeting. 

Recorded meetings will be available on your NYU Classes course site in the Zoom tab (under Cloud Recordings) and in your Zoom account for 120 days from the date of the recording. When a meeting is being recorded, participants will be notified via a pop-up message and asked for their consent to be recorded prior to joining the meeting. If they do not wish to be recorded, they will not be able to join the meeting. Depending on the length of the recorded session, Cloud Recordings will be uploaded to NYU Classes within the day it was recorded. 

If faculty would like to save recording for more than 120 days, the recordings can be saved to the Media Gallery in NYU Classes. More information on the procedure can be found in this guide for Saving Zoom Recordings to Media Gallery

Instructors have the ability to share the contents of their screen with participants. Instructors have the choice of sharing: desktop, specific window, or whiteboard.

Instructors have the ability to chat with all participants, individual participants, and share files with participants. Participants are also able to chat with all participants, individual participants, and the instructor.

Instructions on how to show polls and poll results during meetings, as well as how to download poll results after a meeting, can be found in this Zoom support article. Polls must be created before your Zoom meeting is started.

Instructors have the ability to create and manage breakout rooms. Breakout rooms allow instructors to split Zoom meetings (automatically or manually) into small group sessions and can join sessions at any time. More instructions on Breakout rooms can be found in this Zoom support article

It is recommended that instructors download and install the Zoom application on their device. Although Zoom can work on a web browser, there is limited functionality.  Zoom offers free downloads for Mac/PC computers, iOS/Android devices (mobile and tablet), and browser extensions. The Zoom application software can be found in the Zoom Download Center

Instructors may need to meet with students individually. Therefore, it is recommended that instructors schedule individual appointments outside of NYU Classes. By using the NYU Calendar, instructors can create, organize, and manage appointments. When creating appointments in NYU Calendar, instructors can easily make the appointment a Zoom meeting with the click of a button. In order to enable the Zoom button on your calendar, instructors must download the Chrome or Firefox Zoom web browser extension

NYU Chat & Hangouts

NYU Chat and Hangouts are services that are part of the Google Apps for Education at NYU.  Faculty, staff, and students can communicate synchronously through text and video.