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The student response system (SRS) was introduced at the School of Engineering as the clicker program in Fall 2009. Since then, the program has grown tremendously and is now actively used in 9 different subject areas.

Like the “Ask the Audience” portion of the popular gameshow Who Wants to be a Millionaire, an instructor can poll the class by posing a multiple choice question, then asking the students to enter a response using their handheld clicker or mobile device. The results of the poll are then displayed live for the instructor and class to see.

Using SRS in the classroom promotes active learning, engaging students in the lesson, providing feedback to the instructor and boosting students’ confidence in asking questions and participating in class activities.

This instant feedback on the students’ responses helps both the instructor and the student gauge the level of understanding of the topic, and determine what areas may need more focus. This allows the instructor to redirect the lesson to address the students’ needs and gives the students a better picture of what they could study more.

The student response system can also be used for research purposes. For example, student responses to polls can be tracked in order to evaluate performance over a semester or a longer period of time.

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If you are interested in using the student response system in your course or event, the FITL Center offers training on accessing the technology, starting out with SRS in the classroom, and tracking student performance. A complete list of workshop topics can be found on our training page.

FITL also offers 1-on-1 consultation to those interested in discussing how implementing student response technology can enhance your course or event. Contact to schedule an individual session.

The three components necessary to get you started with the Student Response System are

  • Student clickers and/or ResponseWare subscriptions
  • A receiver connected to the instructor’s computer
  • TurningPoint software application

To find out how you and your students can access the necessary hardware, see Accessing Clickers. For more information on the TurningPoint software and to download a free copy, please visit the Turning Technologies website.

Preparing students for using SRS

It is important to inform students about the use of SRS in the classroom at the beginning of the semester. To aid you in providing this information, FITL has developed a template with information you may want to include in your syllabus about the technology. Feel free to modify the template to suit your course.

Syllabus Addendum Template (NYU login required)

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Undergraduate Courses

All incoming Tandon undergraduates receive a clicker device and ResponseWare subscription at the beginning of the semester and register it for use in their courses.

New students who have not picked up their clickers by the first day of class should be instructed to bring their student ID and class schedule to the FITL Center in LC 444 to pick up their clicker and activate their subscription.

Clickers are available for loan to graduate or non-Tandon students who are registered in these courses. These students should be advised by their instructor to inquire at the FITL Center about a clicker loan.

Other Courses and Events

The SRS can also be used in higher-level courses or events. After attending an initial consultation or training with FITL, you can borrow a loaner packet containing one receiver and clickers for your students from Media Support Services for an entire semester or one-off use. Media Support Services is located in JAB 776.


The quickest way to access a receiver is to borrow one from Media Support Services for one semester or one-off use. Media Support Services is located in JAB 776.

If you are interested in using a receiver and clickers for longer periods of time, you can consider requesting a receiver from your department. Some departments have chosen to purchase and circulate receivers internally.

If you prefer to use your own receiver, they are also available for purchase from Turning Technologies. Please contact for information on purchasing a receiver.

Clicker Test Packets

Instructors and event coordinators interested in using the SRS can borrow a Clicker Test Packet to try out the technology ahead of time. To request a Test Packet of one receiver and up to 3 clickers, contact Media Support Services after attending an FITL training or consultation session on teaching with the student response system.

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Technical Support

FITL's Student Response Intern supports faculty, staff and students on the use of student response technology. The intern position is additionally involved in research projects, finding innovative ways to use the technology for teaching and learning and keeping the Center up to date on what universities around the country are doing with clickers.

For any technical questions you or your students have about clickers or ResponseWare, using TurningPoint, etc., we are available for 1-on-1 consultations. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact

For additional assistance outside our normal office hours, contact Turning Technologies Technical Support.


Syllabus Addendum Template (NYU login required)

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