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Bridge to Master’s

Explore next steps to apply to an MS after the Bridge Program.

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Apply from Bridge to Master’s

The Bridge curriculum, designed and taught by faculty members of the NYU Tandon Computer Science department, provides a robust foundation that students can leverage within a future master’s degree program.

Students who successfully complete the Bridge program are awarded either a Certificate of Completion (final Bridge grade of C through B) or a Certificate of Distinction (final Bridge grade of B+ or higher).

A Bridge certificate, which signifies proficiency in the topics covered within the program, can be used as an additional credential when applying to a master’s degree program here at NYU Tandon and our Partner Institutions.

It is important to note that successful completion of the Bridge program, or earning a Bridge certificate, does not guarantee admission into a master’s degree program. All Bridge students who wish to pursue a master’s degree program will need to submit a master’s application and go through the regular graduate application review process in order to receive an admission decision on their application.

Bridge to Master’s Eligibility


Bridge Term

Next Available Grad Semester

Grad Start Date

Winter 2024

Fall 2024

September 2024

Spring 2024

Spring 2025

January 2025

Fall 2024

Fall 2025

September 2025

While this determines the first eligible semester for a graduate application after completion of each Bridge term, Bridge students are able to apply to future graduate semesters beyond that date.

Bridge Pathway Programs

Students who attend the NYU Tandon Bridge course are eligible to apply for one of the following NYU Tandon Master’s degree programs, in addition to any number of our Partner Institution programs.

Bridge to Master’s Application Process

Currently enrolled Bridge students and Bridge graduates should apply to a master’s degree by submitting a master’s degree application by the published graduate application deadlines for their desired program and start term. All application materials, with the exception of Bridge certificates for currently enrolled students, must be submitted by the application deadline. To learn more about required graduate application materials, including transcript requirements, please visit our Graduate Application Requirements page.

Once submitted, Bridge students will have their master’s degree application withheld from review until the completion of their Bridge program when final certificates are made available and can be included as an additional credential in their application.

Bridge students can expect to receive an admission decision on their graduate application about a month after final grades are received from the Bridge course instructors.

Bridge to Master’s Benefits

Bridge students applying to a NYU Tandon master’s degree program will receive a GRE waiver on their master’s application. Additionally, Bridge students will receive an application fee waiver code.