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Applying to a MS Degree After Bridge

Here you will find information about the next NYU Tandon Master’s degrees available to apply to from the Bridge course.

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Applying to an MS at Tandon

The 100% Online NYU Tandon Bridge Certificate program is an affordable, flexible way for students with a non-technical background to develop the skills necessary for a STEM Master’s degree.

The NYU Tandon Bridge program curriculum was designed by NYU Tandon faculty such that you will gain the knowledge prerequisites for any of our select Master’s programs.

A Certificate of Completion (final Bridge grade of C or above) and a Certificate of Distinction (final Bridge grade of B+ or above) can be used as part of your Graduate application as an additional credential (not to be confused with course credit), along with all other application materials, showing that you have a working knowledge of the topics covered in the Bridge course. A Certificate will be recognized by our select NYU Tandon Graduate programs and our Partner School Graduate Programs to show that you have gained the knowledge-prerequisites required by these programming-heavy Master's degrees, making you eligible to apply.

Completion of the NYU Tandon Bridge course or earning a Certificate does not guarantee admission to a Master's degree following the Bridge.


Next Available Grad Semester

Grad Start Date

Winter 2023

Fall 2023


Spring 2023

Spring 2024


Summer 2023

Spring 2024


Master's Degree Program Pathways

Students who attend the NYU Tandon Bridge course are eligible to apply for one of the following NYU Tandon Master’s degree programs, in addition to any number of our Partner Institution programs. 

Fee Waiver

Current Bridge students and alumni should email to receive a Master’s application fee waiver code when they plan to apply. 

Bridge Partner Institutions

Bridge certificates (grade of a C or better) may also be used to apply to select masters degree program for our Partner Institutions.

Completing and Submitting Your Master’s Degree Application

Currently-enrolled Bridge students and alumni should apply to a Master’s degree by submitting a formal Master’s Degree application before the relevant Master’s degree application deadline. Once submitted, Bridge students will have until the end of their Bridge course to complete their application, by submitting all required application materials, except for the GRE (optional), to ensure a Master’s application decision can be rendered prior to the start of the semester. Bridge students who wish to submit their GRE as part of their Master’s application must do so prior to the end of the Bridge course.

Please note you will need to have your official transcripts sent to NYU Tandon Graduate Admissions from your issuing institution/s. You will not be able to transfer the transcripts that you submitted for your Bridge application. 

Bridge students applying to the NYU Tandon Graduate School of Engineering will need to meet all NYU Tandon Master's Degree Admission Requirements, including an accredited Bachelor’s degree with 120 credits (or equivalent) to qualify for graduate study.

Those who submitted and completed a Master’s degree application can typically expect to receive their decision 1.5-2 months after the end of the Bridge course.