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Introduction to ThreatModeling

ThreatModeler software was created to address the shortcomings of data flow diagrams, bring threat modeling capabilities in-house and make it scalable. The vision for ThreatModeler software is to be able to model ALL the threats, automatically, with no security expertise required. And they think they’ve done that.


Threat modeling is a rapidly growing requirement for many industries and is now a vital practice for Security Practitioners, Architects, Developers and all those involved in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Through the ThreatModeler Certified Practitioner Program you can get certified as a practitioner on the ThreatModeler platform and earn the Introduction to Threat Modeling badge. Complete the course to learn how to produce complete threat models for your applications across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments.

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Introduction to Threat Modeling Badge

The Introduction to Threat Modeling badge will empower you with a better understanding of threat modeling, and provide hands-on experience in using a threat modeling platform.

By completing the course, you will gain an understanding of threat modeling as a concept and an industry practice. Concepts covered in this course include various threat modeling methodologies, diagramming, the attacker’s perspective, nesting, and the business problems that threat modeling attempts to solve.

Upon completion of the entire course, fill out this form with your proof of completion to receive your NYU Cybersecurity Skills Badge.

Estimated time to complete the badge: 5-10 Hours
Recommend Prerequisite Experience: Prior experience in threat modeling, cybersecurity, DevSecOps, and security architecture is a plus but not required. The earlier modules will provide a basic understanding of threat modeling and enough of a foundation for completing the final assessment.