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NYU Tandon Cybersecurity Industry Partner Badges

When Cyber Fellows earn an NYU Cybersecurity Industry Partner badge, they gain real world industry experience as they work on their MS degree.

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Cybersecurity Badge

Immersive Labs

Digital Cyber Academy Badge


Immersive Labs Logo


Immersive Labs is a cyber skills development platform. Using scenario-driven games, real-time threat intelligence, and current cyber frameworks, it immerses students in challenges with the goal of developing skills that reduce cyber risk. Students earn points for each lab they complete. The Immersive Labs Badge is awarded when 17,625 points are earned.

Wavestone Cyber Regulations & Financial Institutions Badge

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At the confluence of management consulting and digital and innovation consulting, Wavestone supports leading companies and organizations in delivering their most critical transformations. The firm offers the services of over 2,800 employees on four continents, with the ability to operate seamlessly across regions.

With the digital revolution, private and public organizations’ exposure to cyber threats have faced a rapid acceleration over the past several years. The number and impact of attacks have steadily increased, causing major losses estimated at $600B worldwide in 2017. As financial services have long been a primary target due to a higher potential for profit, US regulators such as the FED or the NYS DFS are increasing their scrutiny and reshaping their requirements. This is also being seen internationally as the topic of cyber security, especially data privacy, is being challenged by governments and regulators globally.

During this in-person workshop, cybersecurity experts from Wavestone, a global consulting firm, presented the evolving regulatory landscape, and explained how it pushes financial institutions to rethink their approach to cybersecurity. Students completed a workshop assessment to earn the badge.

Workshop Date (in-person): May 30, 2019, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m., NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Details regarding a remote version of the workshop are forthcoming.

Please check back for the next Wavestone badge workshop event details.

Splunk Fundamentals I & II Badges

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Splunk provides two opportunities to earn badges via their online courses: Splunk Fundamentals I and II. Fundamentals I teaches users how to search for and retrieve data, and to create reports. Fundamentals II focuses on searching and reporting commands, creating knowledge objects and data models, using macros, and much more. These two certification-track courses prepare users to sit for the Splunk User and Power User Certifications.

The Splunk Fundamentals I and II Badges are awarded upon course completion.

Students should register using their @nyu.edu email address.

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