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Student Response System

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An active learning environment promotes student involvement in the learning process to construct, apply, and synthesize content. Student Response System technology can foster collaboration, interactivity and discussion throughout course lectures.   

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About SRS

The Student Response System (SRS) can foster collaboration, interactivity and discussion throughout course lectures. 

SRS is a classroom technology that provides professors with instant feedback on student responses to in-class questions and quizzes. 

The Student Response Technology has proven to be a valuable tool for both teaching and learning, and helps:

  • Promote active learning

  • Engage students in the lesson

  • Provide feedback to the instructor

  • Provide feedback to the students

  • Boost in-class confidence and participation

Available Technologies

There are two types of student response technologies available for NYU Tandon faculty and students: PointSolutions and Poll Everywhere

All incoming undergraduate first-year students and new transfer students receive a PointSolutions subscription and tutorial on how to create and activate their account.

All incoming undergraduate and graduate students have access to Poll Everywhere with their NYU credentials. 

Both technologies sync with NYU's Learning Management System, NYU Brightspace. 

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For Students

Find more information about using the SRS Technology for Students:

For Instructors