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The Online Learning platform has been frequently ranked for "Best Online Graduate Engineering Program" by US News and World Report.

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NYU Tandon Online, The Online Learning Unit at NYU Tandon offers a variety of graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and management. Our award winning platform will provide you access to the same quality of education as on-campus through an online format.

We are thrilled that you are interested in our graduate programs at NYU Tandon Online.

NYU Tandon Online's graduate program is open 24/7, allowing you to study wherever and whenever you like. Register for an online course.

Welcome new Spring 2019 Tandon Online students! During the weeks leading up to the beginning of classes, we will be providing you with the skills, resources, and information you will need to successfully complete your online program.

If your NYU Tandon online course requires proctored testing, you may be required to arrange for a proctoring facility if you do not live in the physical service area of the School of Engineering.

NYU Tandon Online is a full-service unit that caters to the needs of online learning graduate students and faculty, partners with industry and societies, and handles the marketing and student services for the online graduate programs.

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering strives to provide every student with a rewarding educational experience. As an NYU Tandon Online student, if you have a complaint/grievance, we ask that you follow the NYU Student Grievance Procedure.

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