Social Engineering - Technology Addressing Global Issues (GY)

  • This team has been paused and will not run in the Spring 2024 semester.


This project aims to:

1) Research and develop a value-based strategy for addressing today’s significant challenges

2) Create an Agile-like framework for addressing, documenting, and designing implementations to meet the challenges

3) Implement the framework/platform to address at least one major challenge.

Note: Thus is a multi-year project.

Sample Statement of Work (SOW) – to be refined
The primary goals (SOW) are to:
1 - Research existing solutions to solving local and global issues facing nations and the world (people not government oriented), and identify key values (based on Maslow and research work being done primarily in Israel, Denmark, and Sweden)
2 - Identify and document the best practices
3 - Develop a unique model based on Agility/Scrum, community (commons) - from proposal and approval to implementation
4 - Create the implementation framework
5- Test the concept and design with "real-world" problems
6 - Implement a project, assess its quality, and recommend changes.

Research, Design, or Technical Issues Involved or Addressed

  • Existing Approached to Solving Global Challenges
  • World Happiness
  • Creative Commons
  • Agility
  • Community development, Dynamics, Support
  • Change Management


  • Social: (Values, Methodologies, Change (Attitudes, Behavior, and Culture))
  • Community/Commons
  • Disruption: (NYU Stern)
  • Framework/Platform: (Computer Science)
  • Management: (Strategic approaches)


  • Agile Manifesto and Scrum
  • Teaming
  • Python/C/C++
  • Application based platform (AWS, etc)
  • Open Source
  • IBM-SSME (Science, Software, Management, Engineering)

Majors/Areas of Interest

  • Computer Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology, Culture, and Society
  • Sustainable Urban Environments
  • Health
  • All Majors Welcome!


  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering
  • NYU Stern
  • NYU College of Arts and Sciences
  • NYU Wagner- Global Health

Related Grand Challenges

  • United Nations 13 Global Challenges
  • Threats

Primary Instructor