NYU Holodeck: Future Reality Lab

  • Emulating the potential of future capabilities of small high quality VR/AR that will enable computer-supported face-to-face communication

NYU Holodeck logo with "Future Reality Lab" with a background of a holodeck room

The NYU Holodeck team research, funded by FRL and NSF, involves Multi-participant “metaroom” Web VR environments, where participants explore interactive shared experiences with avatars using Oculus Quest headsets. The environments also incorporate spatial audio to augment the user experience, and are exploring networked shared experiences that can provide shared interactive experiences across multiple locations.

Faculty, staff and students form transdisciplinary collaborations spanning fields of engineering and computer informatics. Collaborative teams incorporate experience and expertise in content, ideation and innovation, design, development, evaluation and entrepreneurship involving developing innovative solutions to challenging real world problems.

Augmented reality systems have a transformative potential.  This research aims to extend current augmented-reality applications and experiences by integrating a wide range of AR/VR delivery platforms and technologies to improve integration of audio, visual and computer sources. Research areas include user interface design, the integration of auditory and visual stimuli, the development of architectural and software abstractions for cross-platform and multi-application augmented reality, and the potential of integration of robotics and physical augmentation into the shared AR/VR experience.

Methods & Technologies

  • Multi-participant “metaroom” Web VR environments
  • Testing and demonstration of Web VR environments
  • Applications
  • Network environments

Areas of Interest

  • Computer Graphics
  • AR/VR Development
  • Unity/Unreal or Web VR
  • Interface Design
  • 3D Scanning and Modeling
  • Spatial Audio
  • Networking

Faculty Advisors