Augmented Library (GY)

  • Researching, coding, and designing to create an augmented reality Bern Dibner library app as a collaborative team

logo of the bern dibner library which is a series of red triangles lined to form a square

This team's goal is to produce a fully functioning augmented reality app to help NYU students access library resources in one place. This will include resources such as an augmented reality process for a library tour, study room reservations, e-textbook access, and many other resources. As this project progresses, we hope to extend this beyond Bern Dibner and make other augmented reality applications for other libraries on and off-campus. 

The team will have to work on solutions to:

  • Bring together information from the multiple systems the library uses to contain its catalog
  • Determine how to integrate augmented reality into the library
  • Image recognition for discovery
  • Human-centered design

Methods & Technologies

  • User-Experience Design
  • Accessibility Design
  • Database accessibility
  • User-Testing
  • Big Data
  • Image Recognition


  • Back end: Augmented Reality
  • Back end: User Interface
  • Back end: Database Systems
  • Front end: Application Design
  • Front end: User Experience

Areas of Interest

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Integrated Digital Media


  • NYU Libraries

Faculty Advisor

Prototype of an application to ease navigating Bern Dibner library