Augmented Library (GY)

  • This team is not accepting new applications for the Fall '24 semester. Students who are interested can apply for Spring '25 later this year.

logo of the bern dibner library which is a series of red triangles lined to form a square

This team's goal is to produce a fully functioning augmented reality app to help NYU students access library resources in one place. This will include resources such as an augmented reality process for a library tour, study room reservations, e-textbook access, and many other resources. As this project progresses, we hope to extend this beyond Bern Dibner and make other augmented reality applications for other libraries on and off-campus. 

The team will have to work on solutions to:

  • Bring together information from the multiple systems the library uses to contain its catalog
  • Determine how to integrate augmented reality into the library
  • Image recognition for discovery
  • Human-centered design

Methods & Technologies

  • User-Experience Design
  • Accessibility Design
  • Database accessibility
  • User-Testing
  • Big Data
  • Image Recognition


  • Back end: Augmented Reality
  • Back end: User Interface
  • Back end: Database Systems
  • Front end: Application Design
  • Front end: User Experience

Areas of Interest

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Integrated Digital Media


  • NYU Libraries

Faculty Advisor

Prototype of an application to ease navigating Bern Dibner library