AI for Scientific Research (GY)

  • Boosting scientific research with Artificial Intelligence


The mission of the team is to boost scientific research in various fields using Artificial intelligence (AI).  In the first step, the team identifies fields of scientific research, in which techniques of artificial intelligence (AI)  may provide significant benefits. For those fields, we identify specific tasks (often in collaboration with scientists working in such domain). When tasks are identified we review state-of-the-art AI techniques and select those which are the most promising in addressing the task at hand. We may work with specialists from various disciplines, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Linguistics, and others.

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Methods & Technologies

  • Data mining / analysis / visualization
  • Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Development of interdisciplinary connections
  • Coding / Implementation 

Teams of our group established and addressed projects like:

  • Microscopy images segmentation
  • Particle trajectories classification
  • Annotation of scientific figures
  • Image-based model to predict embryonic lethality rate of worms
  • Symptoms of malaria classification
  • Baseline model establishments for brain neural signals
  • Classification of sleep stages of mice
  • Vaccination response prediction
  • Benchmark establishment for superconductivity
  • Machine learning applied to spectra


  • The list of partners changes according to the scope of work for each semester. Below are some of the partners we've worked with.
  • MEO Engineering Company
  • REFINE Lab at the University of Connecticut
  • Schirhagl Lab at University of Groningen
  • Semantic Scholar / Allen Institute for AI
  • Carlton Lab / NYU
  • Dipesh Chaudhury / NYUAD
  • Christine Vogel / NYU FAS
  • Xenia Gofman / Columbia
  • ML Commons
  • Kristin Gunsalus NYU / FAS

Faculty Advisor

  • Sergey Samsonau, PhD
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Contact Information

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