AI for Scientific Research (GY)

  • Building an innovative and collaborative future for science


AI for Scientific Research (AIfSR) is a student-managed group made up of consulting-like teams developing and delivering AI-enabled products of real value to scientific labs. Since our founding in Spring 2021, we have developed and delivered AI/ML-driven solutions to multiple collaborators (more information below).

We invite bachelors and masters students who have interest/skills in:




Each semester, we work on a unique set of projects. Here are some we have worked on/ are working on currently.


  • Vaccination response prediction​
  • Sleep patterns classification in EEG data​
  • Microscopy images segmentation: cells​
  • Tracking of cells moving under microscope​
  • Image-based prediction for worms embryonic lethality ​
  • Symptoms of Malaria​
  • Genetics​


  • Inverse task: current in batteries from magnetic field​
  • Material properties prediction from structure​


  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB) profiles​
  • Trajectory of particles under microscope​
  • Spectroscopy for microdiamonds​


  • A Generative Model for Neurolinguistics of Morphology​
  • Generic gender categories labeling in text​

Scientific Software

  • Automatic annotation of scientific figures​
  • Parsing scientific papers from PDF​
  • Benchmarking of CloudMask project on NYU HPC​



For each of our projects, we have a collaborator (professor/researcher). We work(ed) with collaborators from NYU CAS, NYU Abu Dhabi, ML Commons, Semantic Scholar just to name a few! 


Methods & Technologies

  • Data mining / analysis / visualization
  • Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Development of interdisciplinary connections
  • Coding / Implementation 

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Faculty Advisor

  • Sergey Samsonau, PhD

Contact Information

  • Student Leadership: