Tandon/Rusk Transformer Challenge

Engineers from NYU Tandon and experts from NYU Langone Health’s Rusk Rehabilitation team up to create rehabilitation solutions

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What is the Tandon/Rusk Transformer Challenge?

It is an opportunity to flex your innovation ‘muscles’ and create solutions to challenging problems in the medical space. Teams will be composed of rehabilitation experts and engineering professionals.

How Does it Work?

Tandon School of Engineering and Rusk Rehabilitation are partnering to catalyze the creation of joint research areas, developing solutions to joint problem areas that are defined by the Transformer Challenge team, and helping to create new ventures from ongoing research.

Faculty members will be given the opportunity to submit their current research into a matching portal and recommendations for faculty partnership areas will be made by the Challenge team. Additionally, ample presentation opportunities will be organized along with virtual networking events to engage with counterpart faculty members.

Challenge Focus

Assistive Technology

Rehabilitation Apps

Wearables for Preventative Care

Open Submission