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Inspire, build, and lead new startups solving healthcare’s most pressing problems, with $55,000+ in funding and six paid internships available

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What is the HealthTech Transformer Challenge?

The NYU Healthtech Transformer Challenge is organized by NYU Tandon Future Labs A/X Venture Studio in collaboration with NYU Langone. The challenge aims to improve patient wellbeing and upgrade clinical workflow, bringing together the remarkable leaders in engineering, entrepreneurship, and medicine at NYU.

How Does it Work?

Clinicians challenge engineers

NYU Langone clinicians (Challengers) submit problem statements and potential solutions (by March 25) for their most pressing healthcare problems — problems caused by current practices that are:

         1) Inefficient —  require unnecessary time, people, or resources.
         2) Inaccurate —  have a high error rate, are difficult to learn for new practitioners, or need frequent revision.
         3) Inaccessible — require a lower level of interaction. Are there additional tools or data that would allow you to downgrade an in-patient

encounter to outpatient or an outpatient encounter or monitoring to one that is done remotely?

Innovators apply to build solutions

Ready to change the healthcare industry forever? Innovators, ie, graduate engineering students from NYU Tandon apply by March 25 to work on HealthTech Challenges teams.

Mentors sign up to share insights

Mentors — NYU Langone clinicians and caregivers — are invited to provide feedback for product improvement over the summer.

Ten engineering teams rapidly prototype

The NYU Tandon Future Labs A/X Venture Studio selects 10 challenges and 20 Innovators, creating 10 teams. Through April, each team is awarded $1,000 for prototyping, introductions to clinicians for customer discovery, and 1:1 mentorship by the Venture Studio and NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.

Three winning teams announced, Venture Fellowship begins

After being evaluated on the technical, clinical, and economic viability of their proposed solutions, the top 3 teams are awarded paid Venture Fellowships from May to August to work on projects full time over the summer and an additional $15,000, to hone their product and receive 1:1 training in technology commercialization.

Venture Fellows pitch for $50K in funding

Working with Future Labs, the Venture Fellows make their product and business venture-fundable over the summer. They pitch for an additional $50,000 each from the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute in August 2022.


Contact us:

Questions? Contact Vadim Gordin, Director, Future Labs A/X Venture Studio, at vg2279@nyu.edu