Welcome to Your New Reality | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Welcome to Your New Reality

See the exciting future ahead of you at NYU Tandon through your VR glasses.

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Student using virtual reality glasses

Congratulations on your admission to the prestigious NYU Tandon School of Engineering!

We invite you to experience life as a graduate student at NYU Tandon. Use the VR glasses we have provided and download our apps to learn about the incredible research opportunities that will be available to you. And when you’re ready, secure your spot by submitting your deposit. 

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If you’re ready to envision your successful future at NYU Tandon, follow the simple steps below.

  • Assemble your new VR glasses

  • Download and open Virtual Tour, MakerSpace, Research Labs, and Tandon Vision from the App Store or Google Play Store (see below)

  • Plug in your headphones

  • Place your phone inside your VR headset and close the back of the headset

  • Align the screen to the lenses by positioning your phone inside the headset (wrap a rubber band around the headset if your phone is moving within it)

  • Locate the button for interacting with the apps on the top-right of the headset

  • Sit or stand where you can turn around comfortably

  • Enjoy your NYU Tandon VR experience!

Download Your App(s)

Here is a brief description of the apps you can download and explore with your VR glasses:


Virtual Tour

Take a 3D tour around campus and through our exciting Brooklyn neighborhood. Explore our library, dining hall, academic buildings, and cutting-edge labs. Learn about local attractions, too, such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

Download for iOS*   Download for Android*

*You will be directed to download the YouVisit Colleges app. Simply search for "NYU Tandon School of Engineering." Once the app is downloaded, tap the screen, click the VR glasses icon in the top right corner, and enjoy! 



Discover our exceptional MakerSpace facility, where you will collaborate with other brilliant innovators to transform your ideas into reality. Find out about current projects such as the Baja SAE car design competition, creating prosthetics for children with cerebral palsy, and a food computer that enables households to achieve sustainable indoor agriculture.

Download for iOS   Download for Android


Research Labs

Pay a virtual visit to the Biomechanics Laboratory, where our research is on the cutting edge in many innovative areas such as cell-to-cell communication. In fact, you can take a microscopic journey into the bloodstream to play a game in which you control fluid movement and the speed of blood vessel growth.

Download for iOS



Travel to the surface of Mars. Your tour guide will be Professor Gunter Georgi, a member of our renowned engineering faculty who was responsible for the thermal analysis of the Apollo lunar modules during his years of aerospace industry experience. While you’re on the red planet, explore the terrain and use a rover to collect soil samples.

*This app was originally developed for our undergraduate Class of 2020, but due to its popularity, we have made it available to the greater Tandon community.

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