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NYU Tandon Bridge to Bioinformatics

A pathway for individuals without a STEM background to a graduate degree in bioinformatics and a career in an in-demand field.

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With unprecedented progress in medical and life sciences research over the past decade, there is an urgent need for bioinformatics experts to tackle the resulting expansion of complex data and information. Bioinformatics professionals create and advance algorithms, computational and statistical techniques, and theory to solve formal and practical problems arising from biological data.

At NYU Tandon, we’re excited to educate the next generation of biotech champions. The NYU Tandon Bridge program prepares students without a STEM background for a master’s degree so they can play a leading role in this essential, and growing, field.

Pathway to a Master’s in Bioinformatics

The NYU Tandon Bridge Program is your pathway to pursuing a Bioinformatics Master's Degree at NYU Tandon and a career in this cutting-edge discipline.

The M.S. in Bioinformatics at NYU Tandon is an online, two-year, 30-credit program. Th​is NY State-approved​​ program meets the industry's demand for professionals with a solid foundation in genomics, biotech, programming,​ ​data science, ​sequence and pathway analysis, as well as a host of genome informatics tools and algorithms.

The NYU Tandon Bridge program starts every winter (January), spring (April), and summer (July). Bridge students who wish to apply for a masters degree must submit an M.S. application. For more information please see our Applying to a Master’s Degree from Bridge webpage.

Applying to Bridge

View our How to Apply page for upcoming application deadlines.

How to Apply to Bridge


We are here to help! Call us at 646.997.3623, U.S. Toll-Free at 877.503.7659, or email us at tandon.digital.learning@nyu.edu.