Employment Outcome

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Employment Survey Results

  • 135 graduates (83%) responded to our employment survey (of 163 graduates surveyed)
  • Of the 135 graduates who responded:
  • 89% disclosed that employment was obtained
  • 4% not seeking (Pursuing Continuing Ed
  • 6% seeking employment (As of November 2016
  • Location1:
  • 93% in U.S.
  • 7% outside U.S.

Disclosed Companies of Full-time Employment2

Company Position
Bank of America

Quantitative Developer
Quantitative Research

Bank of Communications Compliance
Bayview Asset Management, LLC Financial Analyst
Bloomberg Software Engineer
Brooklyn Research Quantitative Researcher
Chegg, Inc. Online Tutor
China Merchants Bank Management Trainee
CITIC Securities Quantitative Analyst & Algorithm Trader
Citigroup Senior Associate
Deloitte Consultant
Analytics Consultant
Esfund Management Co. Ltd. Quantitative Analyst
EY Financial Services Consultant (X2)
Fannie Mae Pricing Analyst
FDM Group IT Consultant
Federal Reserve Board Research Assistant
Feedzai Software Engineer
Funding Circle USA Risk Analyst
Gap, Inc. Financial Analyst
Gfi Group Product Specialist
GlaxoSmithKline Finance Associate
Goldman Sachs Operations Analyst
Haver Analytics Research Assistant (X3)
Hermes Capital Advisor, LLC Quantitative Researcher
Intercontinental Exchange Product Manager
Israel Discount Bank Vice President
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Associate
Credit And Country Risk Audit
JD Capital Senior Analyst
KMG, Inc. Business Analyst
Ling Perfect Research Analyst
Marto Capital Quantitative Analyst (X2)
Meixin Group, Inc. Financial Analyst
Moody's Analytics Bachelor
Morgan Stanley Technology Analyst
Quantitative Analyst
New England Asset Mgmt Quantitative Analysis & Data Science Professional
NYC Dept of Education Teacher
New York Life Investment Management (NYLIM) Associate
OneMarketData Financial Engineer (x2)
OpenLink Financial Associate Technical Consultant
Pa Ventures, Ltd. Financial Analyst
PrimeAlpha Financial and Operation Analyst
Prudential Financial Financial Advisor Trainee
PwC Risk Assurance Associate
Quasar Trader
R&R Consulting Credit Analyst
Selling Simplified Senior Specialist
Social Investment Managers & Advisors (SIMA) Fund Analyst
Société Générale Quantitative Analyst
FICC Market Analysis And Certification
Junior Data Analyst
St. John's University Financial Aid Counselor
State Street Model Validator
Syncora Holdings, Ltd. Quantitative Analyst
Thomson Reuters Derivatives Evaluator
UBS Risk Management
Unisooq Lead Developer/Project Manager
Westlake International Research Analyst
WorldQuant Quantitative Researcher
Zenefits Software Engineer


177 graduates disclosed job location

2This is not a complete list of employers, as company name was disclosed by 80 (49%) of total graduates. 

The above stats are based off the Class of 2016. Summary is based on most recent employment survey, which was completed November 2016.

*Please note that the NYU Tandon MSFE program did not have a dedicated student placement director until 2017. As such, the employment stats for Class of 2016 (and prior classes) is limited as this information is based off of a general NYU survey. More detailed MSFE employment stats will be available for the class of 2017 and beyond.