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Hire Our Students

At the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering, students are accomplished in both real-world applications and in competitions. See the Department News page for highlights.

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How to Hire from NYU Tandon MSFE

screenshot of sign in screen for FRE-NET
Screenshot of Employer Sign In on FRE-NET

Our department’s employer/student recruiting portal, FRE-NET, allows industry firms to easily post job opportunities, review applicants, request recruiting presentation dates, and more! To begin engaging with FRE students today, create an account on FRE-NET or contact the Tandon FRE MSFE Career Placement Director, Sara (Tomeo) DeLusant, at NYUMSFEFRE_Careers@nyu.edu.


Why Hire from NYU Tandon MSFE?

Diversity in Coursework & Personalized Instruction

Over 50 department-specific courses are offered to the Tandon MSFE students each semester. The NYU Tandon MSFE average class size is around 15 students, and no classes are larger than 30.

Practical and Industry-focused

For the Tandon MSFE, integration with industry is not just a “nice to have,” it’s a “must-have.” Between 2016 and 2022, 40 new professors were brought on board from the industry, and that number continues to grow. The program is constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing climate of the industry and markets.

Employment Outcome

The NYU Tandon MSFE is proud to have graduates beginning their careers in a range of functions within the industry; from Traders to Desk Quants, Risk Analysts, Software Developers, and beyond. Learn more about past employment outcome.