Applied Physics Department: Virtual Office

Due to Density Reduction, the Applied Physics office will be operating remotely this semester.

This page will either have the information you need or will tell you how to get in touch with someone who can help you.

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How to reach us


DeShane Lyew:
Department Coordinator
646 997-3072
(Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm)

John Di Bartolo:
Department Chair

Lecturers and Recitation Instructors

Duvvuri, Vikram: Shopova, Siyka:
Mugglin, Dave: Duffin, Robert:
Ostrovsky, Vladimir: Dulub, Olga:
Tsifrinovich, Vladimir: Fried, Peter:
Sheverev, Valery: Hoxha, Islam:
Blauvelt, Robert: Jang, Insuk:
Chowdhury, Saumitra: Lal, Akhil:
Debroy, Partha: Mananga, Eugene:
Petricevic, Vladimir: Nachumi, Benjamin:


Teaching Assignments

View a list of who is teaching what in the Spring '21 semester


Useful Forms

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Time Conflict Approval Form


Useful Links

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